WHAT GIVES?: Ali Oetjen Hints She May Not Have Picked A ‘Bachie’ Winner Either

I am deeply confused about where we’re at with The Bachelorette right now. Does Ali Oetjen get dumped in the finale? Does she pull a Honey Badger and decide to stay single, a new empowered woman, safe in the knowledge that she can pash whoever she wants wherever, whenever? Is the winner just Taite Radley, the least shifty/controlling one?

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In an interview with The Courier-Mail, Oetjen, who has surprisingly refrained from posting pictures with her Bachie beaus to Instagram, said that her time on the show was both “enlightening” and a “perfect chance for me to find the love of my life“.

But, and here’s the spicy part, when pressed she refuses to say if she did in fact find her forever bae: “I’m very happy. I just feel at peace, calm and content, it’s very nice. I can’t really hide that I’m very happy.

What does this mean? If she had found someone she would just say ‘YEP!’ right? Are we now meant to endlessly speculate about whether or not the winner ends up alone all because Nick Cummins changed the rules last season? I. Need. Something. To. Rely. On.


That statement up there could mean anything. She could be happy with herself now. She could’ve met some bloke outside of the series. She could be deeply in love with someone – not Charlie, he’s with Dash, and not Bill – from the series. We just don’t know.

Later in the interview she did say that it was difficult to go looking for love on reality TV for a third time, and that answer did maybe indicate that there is someone in there who is currently making her so happy:

I definitely felt the pressure, just before I was about to start it I was like ‘What am I doing?” I wanted [to find someone] but also knew I wasn’t going to settle for someone and I thought ‘What if there is no one in there that’s right…’ Luckily, they were all amazing.

Okay, drop all of this, can it, this is the weirdest bit of the interview. If she has not found someone, this sounds deeply mental. And if she has hooked up with one of these blokes, just fkn say it and admit you want to spend Chrissie with his fam.

If I found someone, it would be spending as much time as we possibly can together. I’m so excited, if I found someone, to just do the little things like go to the grocery store, have coffee together, spend Christmas with his family or go on a little holiday and just relax, and then move in together and have life develop.


The paper also asked about her relationship with her Bachelor in Paradise squeeze, Grant Kemp, the one with the cheating scandal:

I don’t speak to him at all. He has a lot to say about me but I have no bad words to say about anyone and that’s why I won’t come out and say my side of the story. I don’t want to retaliate hate with hate, and I want that to be a strong message to everyone as well. Otherwise, it would just be a blown-up storm.

Ahh beautiful, if you’re not going to say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, closure.

There you have it, none of us know any more than we did five minutes ago. Sorry.