‘Bachie’ Bloke Bill Slags Off His Opponent Charlie As “Very Controlling”

The feud between Bachelorette blokes Charlie Newling and Bill Goldsmith has reached a new media zenith, with Goldsmith calling his competition in the contest for Ali Oetjen‘s heart “very controlling” in an interview with TV Week.

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Here we go: “Charlie is very controlling. I wouldn’t want to date him.

Hate to agree with the Human Ken Doll himself, but he’s probably right. The possessive way Newling speaks about Oetjen constantly screams ‘RED FLAG’ to me. I earnestly feel that if you ended up in a relationship with Newling he would grill you about literally every male friend you have ever had and then forbid you from seeing them.

The claim about Newling is also supported by this outburst from earlier this season from the jilted Nathan Favro on his last night in the mansion: “I feel sorry for Ali if she ends up with you, because you’re a fucking spiteful and jealous person.

As you very well know, Newling has spent 90% of the season slagging off Goldsmith as not to be trusted, and “hiding something“. Yet, Goldsmith points out, the accusation probably says more about Newling than himself: “That’s what someone who’s hiding something does: accuses someone else of the same thing.

Well, Newling himself admitted that he never told Oetjen in the mansion about his son. According to Goldsmith, he didn’t tell his mansion-mates either:”None of the boys knew, and I can’t imagine it’ll sit too well with Ali.


The pair have laid into each other to the TV publication before, Newling saying:

He reminds me of her ex, Grant [Kemp]. I don’t trust him. I can see through him. He’s not being honest with Ali and he’s saying what she wants to hear. Out of everyone, he’s the only one who hasn’t shared his story. To me, he’s hiding something.

Goldsmith retorted: “He didn’t make the effort and I even told him he was the only person who hadn’t asked me about my past. He was just using it as an excuse to be shitty with me.

No, no, no, Goldsmith reckons Newling showed his true colours when Oetjen bestowed him with the powerful wild rose.

He never said, ‘Well done’ or shook my hand. He showed his true colours pretty early on. He was very jealous, and every time someone came back from a single date, he wouldn’t speak to them for, like, a week. Charlie is an alpha male − to him, only his opinion counts. In the end, he was almost trying to father Ali and act like her spokesperson.


There you go, folks. The very public animosity continues.