Nick Cummins Went For A Swim In A Cursed Waterhole Last Weekend, So He’s Screwed

Here’s a thing you just shouldn’t ever do – go into anything that is cursed. Literally anything – cursed houses, cursed caves, cursed forests. Any of it – just don’t. Not a good idea unless your dream is to have several terrifying demons attached to your back for the rest of eternity, you know?

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ANYWAY BACK TO THE YARN. You know who flies in the face of curses? The bloody Honey Badger, that’s who. Thanks to my m8 May, I found out that he visited Far North Queensland’s Devil’s Pool over the weekend, and instead of heeding the LITERAL WARNINGS FROM THE GOVERNMENT OR COUNCIL OR WHOEVER, popped in for a dip.

The two videos have since disappeared as they were posted to his Instagram Story, but basically Nick gave a little background on the creepy history of the site, which has seen 17 deaths of young men SPECIFICALLY since 1959.

The reason for the deaths? According to the Yidinji Indigenous community of the Babinda area, where the Pool is located, it’s to do with the tale of Oolana, a woman who was chosen to marry a tribal Elder named Waroonoo. However, after their marriage Oolana met and fell in love with a young man named Dyga from a visiting tribe, and planned to run away with him. When the two tribes discovered they had disappeared, they tracked them down at the pool. After Dyga is captured, Oolana escapes and, knowing she will never be able to be with Dyga again, throws herself into the waters and drowns.

The story goes that now, young men are lured to their deaths by the spirit of Oolana – which is why so many young men have died in the spot. Check out this Message Stick clip on the tale, it’s pretty great.

Even if you don’t believe in spirits and curses, the waters of the Devil’s Pool (in the spot where Badge went swimming) are super dangerous – there are strong currents and plenty of deep crevices between the large, spectacular boulders that people can become stuck in. Not that it stops people, who are stupid because HONESTLY, MUST YOU DO EVERYTHING YOU ARE TOLD NOT TO DO? MUST YOU?

Don’t be this guy.

Also don’t be this guy:

Keen on a visit anyway? You can totally go and look at the very, very beautiful Devil’s Pool, and there IS an area that’s safe to swim in and well signposted, further up from the spot the Badge went for a dip. I literally went there a week ago and it was BEAUT.

So do yourself a favour and avoid a curse (or death) by swimming in that bit, K?