Looks Like ‘Bachie’ Faves Dasha & Charlie Were Spotted On A Date This Weekend

It is within the realm of possibility that a Bachelorette frontrunner and a Bachelor fave are dating: for some reason it seems like all the contestants from these shows are chemically bonded somehow, drawn to each other like magnets.

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While it’s deeply reckless for the Bachelorette bloke to be going on dates with anyone while his season is still on the air, these pictures that the Daily Mail found of 33-year-old Dasha Gaivoronski and Charlie Newling are very convincing: they’re hugging like the only reason why they’re not necking like teenagers is for plausible deniability – we just know each other because we live in that separate Bachie universe, definitely not because we are already making plans to buy furniture together. Check all the photos out HERE.


Gaivoronski and Newling were gotcha-ed out on a dinner date in Sydney on Saturday night – there are pics of Newling standing around waiting, and then the moment when she arrives. Paps snap them talking to their host, sitting inside the very casual-looking restaurant, and of course smiling and hugging and all that stuff.

Conclusion? This feels deeply invasive and weird; these are just regular people trying to get a bite to eat.

Newling is the Bachie guy who has immediately become most smitten with Ali Oetjen, constantly lecturing everyone else in the mansion about how they should just leave if they’re not there for her. He’s all protective and caring and very willing to argue with the other frontrunner, Bill Goldsmith, and to meddle in order to see the back end of someone, see Nathan Favro on last Thursday’s ep.


Meanwhile Gaivoronski was dropped by Nick Cummins just ahead of hometown visits. At the time she told PEDESTRIAN.TV that she was ultimately relieved to be sent home: “Deep down I knew that Nick is probably not the guy for me. He’s not the person I want to ultimately be with.

Now the truth is Gaivoronski lives in Adelaide, so maybe she was just meeting up with the builder bloke to give him advice while she was in town about how to get through this trying I-decided-to-find-love-on-a-reality-TV-show time. Maybe it is all innocuous.

Who can say for sure until we get to ask him point blank after Oetjen dumps his ass? Can’t wait!