Osher Günsberg Defends Ali Oetjen’s Right To Pash Whoever The Hell She Likes

Osher Günsberg, the most handsome ‘n wholesome man on Australian television – don’t @ me – has spoken out in defence of Ali Oetjen‘s choice to kiss as many hunky boys on The Bachelorette as she damn well pleases.

So far Oetjen’s kissed five blokes on the series – Rob, Todd, Charlie, Bill and Taite – as she tries to suss out which one of these TV-ready lonelyhearts might be her forever bae. And she was criticised for doing so by one bloke on the actual show, Charlie Newling, who said he thought she was too “spread out“. Yuck. Four of those five are in the final five btw, so good effort, eh?

Speaking to TV Week, the chivalrous (in a good way) Günsberg called out the double standard – because no one would talk that way about the Bachelor doing the very same thing.

She’s far more on the front foot as to what she will and won’t stand for.

We’ve seen her be really confident, not only in telling guys what’s okay and not okay, but going, ‘I’m into you, let’s have a pash.’

Nobody blinks an eye when the Bachelor has a pash on a single date. But when a beautiful, smart, independent woman goes, ‘I think you’re alright, let’s have a kiss’, people react strangely. For me, that’s the most fascinating part of the show.

RIGHT. Oetjen can tongue-kiss whoever the hell she likes, whenever the hell she likes, because it is her show. You may not thinks he was the right choice of Bachelorette, you may not even like her, but you’ve gotta respect that the entire purpose of this exercise is for her to figure out how compatible she is with a bunch of near-identical all-Aussie blokes. And she wants to know if there’s a ~spark~. Smooch away, Ali.


On the topic of Honey Badger‘s choice to drop both of his leading ladies in the Bachelor finale, Günsberg is kind and very forgiving. He thinks his old pal will weather the public backlash just fine. “It was a brave, manly thing to do. He’s a good man, has a solid support base and I know he’ll be alright.

Alright, now that’s all sorted: