Meet The First Two Men Vying For Ali Oetjen’s Heart In ‘The Bachelorette’

With Nick Cummins’ time on the small screen coming to an end, this means Ali Oetjen‘s journey as our 2018 Bachelorette is right around the corner… whether you like it or not.

To kick things off, The Bachelorette‘s Instagram account has shared our first two contestants eager to win Ali’s heart – Charlie and Todd. 

Brooke and Cassie were the first two contestants The Bachelor posted on their Insta soooooooooooo place your bets.

Anywhoo, Charlie is a 31-year-old builder and hails from New South Wales. This chap, by far, has copped the most ad time because he’s everything Ali wants. He’s Mr. Perfect – Charlie wants to settle down, have the house with the white picket fence, have kids etc.


I’m getting real strong Sasha Mielczarek vibes from this guy. If you’re scratching your head at that name, Sasha was on (and won) Sam Frost’s season of The Bachelorette way back in the day.

And then there’s this creative lad otherwise known as Ali’s ~ knight in shining armour ~.

Todd is 26 from Western Australia and works as a sales rep. If you’ve seen any of the promos for this season then you’ll know Todd really does rock up to the red carpet in full armour… despite how uncomfortable it really looks.

Hopefully we cop a look at Kangaroo Scrotum lad soon, otherwise known as the Honey Badger Lite. 

Charlie and Todd are just two of 18 men vying for Ali’s heart.

The Bachelorette will premiere 7:30pm Wednesday October 10 on TEN. 

You can watch the full promo, below.

In the meantime, Finals Week for the Badger will kick off Wednesday 7:30 on TEN.

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