We’re All Sick Of Charlie So Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate Random Man Daniel

Daniel Instagram

I don’t know about you guys but I am so over the bullshit between Charlie and Bill and just Charlie in general. Twitter appears to be sick of their shit too so instead of going on about that, let’s talk about Daniel. Random man Daniel who may or may not be a secret front runner/the mansion’s unofficial ghost.

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If you’re interested in tonight’s recap of The Bachelorette, head on over to the below.

In short, Bachie editors have lightly peppered Daniel throughout the series so you’re only just aware of his presence. At some point we all thought The Bachelorette would introduce us to him – maybe chuck in a cut scene, bit of a cheeky anecdote, perhaps a classic work-out in a gym montage (he is a personal trainer) but they didn’t.

Why? Probably because he does not appear to be *inhales deeply* unhinged, controlling, passive aggressive, manipulative, a gaslighter, looks like a puppet, has a faux English accent, tried to blender an avo whole, and so on and so forth.

Instead, he’s a nervy lad with sweaty palms who occasionally appears in rose ceremonies. That is it, that is all that comes to mind.


Daniel received the first bloody rose at the ceremony, the one usually reserved for the sweet but smug front runner. I mean, Daniel could bloody well be a front runner but we don’t know that BECAUSE CHANNEL TEN WON’T GIVE US ANYTHING. So when Daniel copped the first rose last week, thousands of Australians dived into the Twitterverse to collectively shout “Who the fuck is Daniel?” into the void.

No really, they did.

THEN last night, even after Daniel copped some very real one-on-one time with Ali and appeared on TV for more than three seconds, people were still v. confused. Tonight, well… Daniel was there but still…


It’s a tough gig.

When you hop on the ol’ Bachie series, you usually cop a fair few new Instagram followers. Take Taite for example, the one Ali says she’s falling for – even though it’s not the finale yet. Taite has 11,000 followers, Charlie has almost 18,000, and Todd has 12,000 followers which makes sense because well…



Anywhoo, you get the point – people see you on telly, they get curious about you, they follow you on Instagram. People are not seeing Daniel on telly so they’re not following him so he has about 1,500 followers. Obviously, Instagram followers aren’t everything but tonight, I’m using it as a unit of measurement.

And what did I learn? What we all already know: Daniel is a crew member, he’s a random crew member Network Ten sent in as a filler.

He’s even – somehow – the odd one out in this photo, as if he was Photoshopped in.

I love it, I love him, he is my underdog fave until some sort of shit hits the fan.

In all seriousness, Daniel seems like a fine lad and if his Instagram’s anything to go for – he’s too good for this goddamn show.

Take this one Instagram for instance: “Will anyone notice me pulling off this suede number… #whodis”



He literally stands there while all the drama happens around him.


Pictured: Daniel at a real rose ceremony.


Finally, here’s one with Ali so you believe me that he actually copped some screen time this week:


I would share more photos but the man has literally only posted ten Bachie-related Instagram piccies – like the bare minimum Network Ten is probably making him do.

Who are you Daniel, WHO?