Cass Wood & Brooke Blurton Are 100% Confirmed For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Network Ten announced their 2019 programming tonight, and amongst all of the news, so much news, there was this little piece of very important Bachie info: faves from Honey Badger‘s season of The Bachelor, Brooke Blurton and Cass Wood, are looking to get hot and heavy with people who also know what it’s like to fight over one person on reality TV on next year’s Bachelor in Paradise.

It’s something the fans were deffo hoping for, with each of the women becoming very important to us – if HB crushed Wood at the end I think I wouldn’t turned my coffee table over. And Blurton? Well she’s the fierce one who came out as pansexual on the telly and walked away from the series before Cummins got a chance to set her heart on fire in a bad way. It’ll be interesting to see if she has the same power as Megan Marx – to choose men or women – on Bachelor in Paradise.

It at least finally lays to rest rumours about Wood and Honey Badger’s little bro, Jacob, which probably was too perfect a story to have ever been true.

When we spoke to Blurton earlier this month, she was very coy about potentially appearing on either Bachelor in Paradise or as the first bisexual Bachelorette: “I don’t think right now [when] everything is so fresh,” she said.”I don’t know. I’ve been asked this quite a few times but I just don’t think I’ve considered that even being a thing right now.

Wood didn’t rule out an appearance on the series either, saying: “I’ll just take it how it comes and see what happens.

WELL IT’S TRUE. They probably just weren’t allowed to givvus that juicy inside scoop.

The network also announced the return of The Bachelor next year, but no word on The Bachelorette. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

We’ll all find out when we’re meant to find out sometime next year. Until then, we’re keen to see who these lovely ladies connect with on Bachelor in Paradise.