That Rumour About ‘Bachie’ Hopefuls Dasha & Charlie Dating Seems To Be True

If you were planning on tuning into The Bachelorette tonight because you got Charlie Newling in the office sweeps and you genuinely reckon he might win, I am sorry to inform you that YOU LOSE, because Newling is very much in love with Bachelor hopeful Dasha Gaivoronski.

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How do we know this for sure? We don’t. Is it INCREDIBLY likely, yes. If the pictures of the pair of them out on dates in Sydney weren’t enough for you – where Gaivoronski now lives, not Adelaide – this might be the clincher.

In her Instagram Stories yesterday arvo Gaivoronski invited her followers to ask her a question.

And who other than Newling, his name barely obscured, and his Bachelorette-related profile pic very visible, jumped into her DMs to ask a telling question: “What’s with you and that hot amazing guy that your [sic] dating? You 2 look incredible together. 

Gaivoronski’s answer? “He is alright, isn’t he?  We’re the besties of all time and understand each other like no one else. That’s so rare these days  .

Obvs the pair DM often: see the manic crying-laughing emoji  at the top of the screengrab.

Yuck, love.

The two were spotted out for dinner a couple weeks ago, and then on Coogee Beach, as per these pics in the Daily Mail.

Since their first date on The Bachelorette, Newling has refrained from posting pics of himself and Ali Oetjen to Instagram. Meanwhile he was papped with Gaivoronski at a swimwear event in Bondi over the weekend. Still, at the very least they declined to be photographed together on the official media wall. Wow, that totally makes it so you’re not breaching your TV contract… not.

Here’s what someone told the Mail: “He’s a major part of the show and is being edited as the winner, or at least final three. It’s frankly unbelievable he’s doing this… He’s trying to sabotage the whole show.


Meet back here tonight to talk about the latest ep? Yep.