Honey Badger’s Little Bro Swears He Is Definitely, 100% Not Dating Cass Wood

The good folks at Yahoo! snuck straight into the Insta DMs of Honey Badger‘s little bro,  Jacob Cummins, to ask him point blank if he is in fact dating Bachie gal Cass Wood. Sadly, he says he is not.

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He told them simply that he is “not in relationship with Cass Wood”. Should be unequivocal, but we have no doubt that if they are papped together when she comes home from Thailand the rumour mill will start spinning again.

The goss about Cummins and Wood’s budding relationship goes back to this time last week, when a ‘close friend’ dished to Woman’s Day.

It started off as a friendship and things could well have blossomed.

They’re waiting for all the show’s hype to die down before they make any announcement on the status of their relationship, but Nick couldn’t be happier for them.

Not much of an announcement here, folks.

During the episode where the two hung out together instead of letting Wood be interrogating mercilessly by Badge’s sister Bernadette, Cummins explained how the pair knew each other: “I met Cass about a year ago. She was up for the summer, up at the Gold Coast and we went surfing with Nick and we had a few yarns, few beers.

The Woman’s Day story went on to say that the pair had been meeting up in Sydney and Queensland. They apparently first reconnected when Cummins counselled Wood in the wake of her very public dumping by you remember, his brother on the telly, who had also been involved in an on and off thing with her over a period of months last year.

They don’t want to cause a big fuss, especially as Cass’ feelings [for Nick] were strong for such a long time.

It’s only a matter of time before fans start suspecting though, as they’re already on a picture-liking spree on Instagram!

You can decide if the picture-liking may in fact still be meaningful. He really does seem to smash that ‘heart’ button on every post.

If you’re interested in more Jacob Cummins content though, may we recommend his dedicated fishing Instagram HERE. It’s what it says on the tin: the man holding rather large fish. What fun.