Root Rat Ciarran Stott Dropped A Lengthy IG Caption Promising Big Changes Amid Cheating Drama

Root Rat Ciarran Stott Dropped A Lengthy IG Caption Promising Big Changes Amid Cheating Drama

Notorious party boy Ciarran Stott has announced he’s quitting drugs and alcohol amidst yet another cheating scandal plaguing his already chaotic record.

The Bachelorette alumni said he was “healing” his “mind, body and soul” one day at a time by joining the sobriety club.

“The biggest mistakes I’ve made in life come when I consume alcohol and drugs. So I decided it was finally time to put a stop to it all,” he wrote on Instagram.

“No more drinking! No more drugs! No more of that bullshit. I turn into the biggest muppet there is and hurt the people closest to me over and over again.”

“I probably should’ve realised this a few years ago but it’s better late than never. It’s a long road ahead to becoming the best version of myself I can be. One for myself and two for my relationship and family,” he said.

“The support from my partner, family and friends is next to none and I can’t tell you ow much I appreciate y’all.”

His announcement comes on the back of a cheating scandal after So Dramatic! reported he was seen pashing a co-star while filming The Challenge Australia — despite being in relationship with Ruby Burciaga, who he’s been dating for almost a year. Up until now, the two have been very public about how in love with they are, so it’s very messy. Fkn yikes.

Ciarran first rose to fame in Angie Kent‘s season of Bachelorette. He was a fan fave at the time and an absolute sweetheart on screen, but when he appeared in Bachelor in Paradise audiences saw a completely different side of him.

Suddenly the reality star was jumping from woman to woman, gaslighting whichever gal he was with at the time, getting into drunken arguments and all round behaving like an absolute gronk. It was not pretty, and he quickly fell out of favour with Bachie fans.

After that season he then appeared on Swedish Bachelorette, but ditched it pretty early due to limited screen time. Because really, why else would he go on that show???

Hopefully his sobriety journey works out for him.