Watch Out Reality TV Fans, Ciarran Stott Has Just Revealed Which Shows He Wants To Go On Next

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Notorious root rat Ciarran Stott is apparently NOT done with reality TV.

After wrapping up his most recent appearance on The Challenge, you’d think Ciarran would be fanging for a little break from the telly. Well, as he told Yahoo Australia, that is very much not the case.

The 28-year-old reckons he’d be keen to appear on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and SAS Australia. He’s also keen to get his girlfriend Ruby Burciaga in front of the camera too.

“I wouldn’t mind getting Ruby on a TV show,” he said to Yahoo.

“Get us on The Block or something, we’d be great on that!”

Is there such a thing as being a full-time reality TV show contestant? I think that might be what Ciarran has in mind as his next career move.

As much as he loves being on reality TV it turns out Ciarran isn’t a huge fan of watching himself on reality TV.

“I haven’t really watched any shows I’ve been on,” he told Yahoo.

“I tried watching the first one and I found it a bit cringe on The Bachelorette and then I just never watched it again.”

Yeah I probably wouldn’t want to watch it back if I hooked up with someone who wasn’t my girlfriend on a reality TV show. Too soon?

Well anyway, according to his Insta, Ciarran and Ruby have put the past behind them and are going strong, which is genuinely lovely to see. Back in November, the pair attended Sexpo together and posed for pics at the venue. Slay.

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On November 10, Ciarran announced his sobriety. In a post to Instagram he wrote, “The biggest mistakes I’ve made in life come when I consume alcohol & drugs.

“So I decided it was finally time to put a stop to it all. No more drinking! No more drugs! No more of that bullshit.”

Good for Ciarran! And hey, I hope we get to see him and Ruby on The Block sometime. I bet it’d make for great TV.