Here’s Exactly When Bridgerton Season 3, Part 2 Drops On Netflix In Australia For All You Polin Fans

They’ve done it. The crafty people at Netflix have kept us on the period-drama hook by separating Season Three of Bridgerton into two steamy parts. And now that we’ve had a taste of what the gloriously horny romantic and dreamy season has to offer, I think I speak for all of us when I say we crave more.

In case you haven’t subscribed to the hype just yet — or are ready for some juicy little spoilers — here’s a quick rundown of what’s been happening in this season so far. Gorgeous wallflower Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) has been pining for her former best friend’s brother Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) for yonks.

After believing that he’d never be interested in courting her, she seeks his help to find another man from the ton to marry. However, dear reader, it’s this scandalous education that sees the two young people finding their way into each other’s arms. Or, more accurately, finger-banging in the back of a carriage.

Anyway, part one concludes with Colin asking Penelope to marry him — her dream comes true!!!! But, of course, it’s not that simple. After all, Miss Featherington is secretly the most famed gossip writer of the ton, Lady Whistledown, a woman who her future hubby outwardly loathes.

How will Penelope handle this conundrum? Well, that’s the whole thing, isn’t it — we have to wait and see.

Ah Polin, nice to see you. (Image: Netflix)

What Are The Bridgerton Season 3 Release Times Across Australia?

AEST — NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania & ACT

Bad news for the impatient among us. To see what happens after the couple becomes engaged and whether we’ll actually see the highly anticipated mirror scene from the books come to life on screen, we will have to wait until 5pm AEST on June 13. But hey, it could be worse… We could be like WA and be fanging some horny period tea at 3pm.

Brimsley, start the countdown!!!!

Colin and penelope
Steamy, no? (Image: Netflix)

ACST — South Australia & Northern Territory

For our besties living in Central Australia who follow Australian Central Standard Time (ACST), you’ll get to feast your eyes on some streamy Polin action from 4.30pm.

AWST – Western Australia

Ah, Western Australia. The birthplace of one of Australia’s most iconic sports stars, Sam Kerr. For our folks on the West Coast, y’all will be able to watch Bridgerton Season Three Part Two from 3pm.

It’s bittersweet ‘cos A) it feels like you get the season earlier but B) it’s still early in the day, and you’re probs still on shift when this great hunk of Netflix spunk drops.

Maybe turn off notifications for “Bridgerton” for tomorrow arvo to avoid spoilers.

Is there a trailer for Bridgerton Season Three, Part Two?

Netflix has finally dropped the trailer for Bridgerton Season Three, Part Two, and as they say in the teaser: “who needs fresh air when you have fresh gossip?”

The trailer picks up where Part 1 left us, with Colin Bridgerton proposing to Penelope Featherington. But instead of a loved-up, wedding planning season, the trailer teases a storyline filled with secrets, tension and drama as Penelope’s alter-ego is yet to be revealed.

Will Mayfair reveal Penelope’s secret identity as Lady Whistledown to her soon-to-be husband? Will Penelope have to give up her dreams? And will the scandal be too much to keep their love story alive? So many questions that all promise to be answered when Season Three, Part Two drops.

You can peep the Bridgerton Season Three, Part Two trailer below.

So there you have it. We’ll have to exercise all the patience we have — just like Miss Penelope did before she bagged her man — until Season Three, Part Two drops on June 13. But in the meantime, if you need to scratch that Bridgerton itch and haven’t seen the Queen Charlotte spin-off yet — I think that’s the perfect way to do it. Well, that’s what I did, anyway, and it was great.