‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2019: Everything That’s True & Everything Close Enough

We have compiled all the juicy Bachelor in Paradise 2019 gossip into one handy dandy document, where we attempt to disentangle truth from untruth.

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What We 100% Know About Bachelor in Paradise 2019

Start Date / Release Date

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 has already wrapped filming at the Mango Bay Resort in Fiji, after shooting in November.

And this year the season dropped on telly in late March – so we’re probably looking at a similar release date next year.

Bachelor In Paradise 2019 Cast & Contestants

Also Osher‘s back, right? He must be. He’s been throwing back over the last couple days to hanging out in a Fiji resort. Surely that means our boy’s back? And you don’t promote a new season with his image if you’re not bringing back the man, the legend. Insta still says he’s the host, so I’m going to say it here, folks, Günsberg went to Paradise.

The only other thing we know about Bachelor in Paradise 2019 for sure is that Cass Wood and Brooke Blurton from this year’s The Bachelor are part of the cast. Because Network Ten said as much.

What Bachelor In Paradise 2019 Goss Seems Very Likely To Be True

Bill Goldsmith and Nathan Favro from this year’s Bachelorette have been literally photographed on the Bachelor in Paradise 2019 set. Sure, they haven’t been announced as contestants, but they’ve been papped hanging out together over there. The boys are in Fiji – even if it was easy to disbelieve the insider who revealed Favro’s stint back in October. Here’s some pics of the dudes, Richie Strahan and Alisha Aitken-Radburn playing footy on set.

Cat Henesey was also shot flirting with Goldsmith. Still, Henesey’s been posting from Bali all month – so she might not have lasted very long on the series.

We can’t say YEP, YEP, CONFIRMED, but there’s also pap shots of Richie Strahan, Alex Nation and James Trethewie. They show Nation and Trethewie sharing a board in the water, and Strahan watching on, steely, unimpressed. They’re very good viewing. Plus it’s just not like Nation to go off Insta for a month, and that’s basically what she did.

Here’s a huge spoiler for the season, because one couple was spotted macking on in Melbourne after filming wrapped last week. There’s pictures. It’s graphic. If you don’t want to know the ending, don’t click this. RESIST.

There’s shots of a whole stack of others in Fiji’s main airport, Nadi International, which got the Bachelor in Paradise 2019 rumour mill turning. Apparently Jules Bourne, Vanessa Sunshine and Shannon Baff, all from this year’s seasons, were spotted. Davey Lloyd, Rachael Gouvignon and Florence Moerenhout, dumped in Paradise last year, were caught on their way to Fiji too. As was Steph Dixon, who, yeah, we remember from Strahan’s season, sure. Does this mean for sure they’re in Paradise? No, maybe they just went for a fun holiday. But it seems unlikely that would just HAPPEN to coincide with filming.

After that Instagram where Tiffany Scanlon writes “NOT coming to a screen near you” and parades her new swimmers, the talk of her being dropped from the series is probably true.


What Is Just Bachelor In Paradise 2019 Rumour & Innuendo

There’s a rumour floating around that Florence Moerenhout, Alex Nation and Goldsmith made up the three angles of a love triangle on Bachelor in Paradise 2019. There’s really nothing to prove that except some quotes from a maybe BS source.

Is the mate who told tabloids that Richie Strahan is out for revenge on Alex Nation in Paradise full of shit? There’s just nothing to back that up. There’s also nothing to back up the idea that Nation went in there trying to win him back. And it’s not known if both of them were actually promised the other wouldn’t be there. That blindside is unconfirmed.

Brooke Blurton may or may not have bowed out early. Based off Instagram, she definitely pulled back on her posting to go shoot, but only very briefly. Does that mean anything? Probably not.


Romy Poulier back in September implied she was in talks” for Bachelor in Paradise 2019. That means nothing. Paddy Colliar told us he was “keen“, which also doesn’t mean a lot. Rob Colangelo said he wouldn’t “say no to a free holiday in Fiji“. Not a lot there. We really hope the totally not backed up story about MVP intruder Britt Weldon returning is true, and yeah, okay, we wouldn’t mind seeing long-haired handsome dude Wesley Ford again either. There was a story going around that Sam Cochrane is giving Bachelor in Paradise another go, but again, there’s just nothing to substantiate it.

Still Charlie Newling shared a story featuring Emily Dibden, Rob Colangelo and himself heading off to Fiji, which if anything makes me think none of them are there. It’s just too blatant imo.

In our interview with Brittany Hockley back in October, she seemed pretty uninterested in the series: “As for Bachelor in Paradise, I’m not quite sure I’m there and I’m not quite sure that’s my jam.” And then last month when pressed she was non-committal.

There’s also goss about some American dude called Connor J. Obrochta, from the US version of the franchise, because of an OOO email, which may or may not mean anything, it’s hard to say.

Finally, the story about Honey Badger being courted for the season is probably unfounded. Like fuck yes, it’d be great content, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.

There you have it, all the Bachelor in Paradise 2019 gossip we could find, condensed and edited for clarity. Stay tuned for us making wild-ass, unsubstantiated predictions in the near future.