There’s A Rumbling That Honey Badger Is Being Courted For ‘Bachie In Paradise’

There’s a new story going around – care of New Idea – that Network Ten might be badgering (hurrhurr) this year’s Bachelor, NickHoney Badger Cummins to sign on for Bachelor in Paradise, citing it as an opportunity for the extra ocker bloke to “redeem himself“.

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The tabloid’s got a source who reckons that the channel are really dedicated to seeing their one-time golden boy hunt for love again in Fiji, despite the fact he brutally dumped both Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman in this year’s Bachie finale.

The source reckons the network might consider Badge’s ill-fated quest for love/Instagram followers, and the way viewers and contestants felt widely cheated by the end result, as a contributor to Ali Oetjen‘s low-rating Bachelorette series. I mean, now that they’ve proven that love on reality TV is a L.I.E., why would I keep watching?

The pressure is on and they are really trying to strong-arm him into this. In many ways Nick is partly blamed for Ali’s low ratings [in The Bachelorette] and making the franchise a laughing stock.

But considering the widespread condemnation of Badger’s choice not to just pick someone for the sake of it, Cummins’ has plenty of misgivings about going in for round #2. Not to mention the confirmed presence of both Brooke Blurton, who walked out on him in the second-last episode because he wouldn’t just sayyyy how he was feeling, and Cass Wood, who he briefly dated in the real world, then strung along mercilessly on national television.

He’s also told network bosses that, yeah, he’s technically single, but also he’s pretty keen on chicken heiress, Lucy Steggles, who he was rumoured to be dating back in October, after they walked the Kokoda Track together.

Still, the source says the network is persevering with the idea of the rugby wing’s redemption on Paradise. “They haven’t given up. They have been chucking ridiculous financial offers his way and just figure he will crack eventually. There is a good chance Nick may make an appearance.

While Cummins’ Insta Stories locate him home in Manly rn, he’s been posting plenty of piccies from his recent trip in Bali. Just sayin’, the dude belongs in Paradise.

If you wanna know who’s in Fiji macking on rn, so far there’s sneaky shots from inside Paradise of 2018 Bachelorette hopefuls Bill Goldsmith and Nathan Favro, Bachelor villain Cat Henesy, another former Bachelor Richie Strahan and his ex Alex Nation, and James Trethewie from Sophie Monk‘s season.

On top of that there’s a ton of rumours, conjecture and stars actually spotted in Fiji’s Nadi International Airport, like Davey LloydTenille FaviosAlisha Aitken-RadburnVanessa Sunshine, Jules Bourne and Shannon Baff. Then Romy Poulier and Brittany Hockley, and hey, maybe third time’s the charm for Florence MoerenhoutRachael Gouvignon and Samual Cochrane.

Who tf knows who is actually there? It could be any or all of these people. What we do know is we’ll be watching the shit out of it next year.