Deeply Cringe Leaked Email Reveals How Taite & Ali Are Desperately Chasing Fame

Amid rumours that they’re faking their relationship to stay in the public eye, Bachie couple Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley are desperately seeking professional representation, so they can keep riding the D-list celebrity gravy train!!!

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In an email leaked to The Daily Telegraph, Radley attempts to spruik the couple as a good fit for the talent manager. But he does it with a clumsily written note that’s peppered with spelling errors. It’s… not a good look.

He writes that he and Oetjen – who are “both into Heath [sic] and fitness” – have just returned home from a trip to Cairns, a trip that he claims copped ’em “2milion [sic]” Instagram clicks. So now they’re looking for guidance on how to respond to publicity requests: “We are currently getting offers but are unsure how to handel [sic] them.

Here’s the full text:

Hey ___,

I’m looking to touch base with some talent management options.
My partner Ali and I just got back from a recent trip to North Queensland’s [sic] where we explored some of the best locations that Cairns has to offer.

Across both our pages combined we had close to 2milion [sic] visits over 7 days.
Being both into Heath [sic] and fitness, we’re looking at getting some good management to help strengthen our brand.
We are currently getting offers but are unsure how to handel [sic] them.

Would love to hear how you can help.

Our pages are below.



Surprise, surprise, the agent in question – who chooses to remain anonymous – wasn’t particularly impressed by Radley’s request. “As a manager who has been in the game a long time, I was shocked at the poorly worded inquiry, which was riddled with spelling mistakes.

When asked for comment about the pair’s attempts to cling to fame, Network Ten said they no longer look after Radley and Oetjen’s media interests.

There you go: it’s not so easy for all former Bachie stars and their chosen baes to score lucrative promo deals, like Georgia Love pushing Palmers skincare, Anna Heinrich becoming the face of Pantene, or Matty J plugging Tommy Hilfiger.

And to think the desperate-sounding email would leak at the same time as pics dropped of Radley doing some Halloween flirting, and a producer dished that he had actually wanted to become the next Bachelor. And after those leaked texts showing just how keeeeeen Radley was for reality TV fame.