Taite Radley Is Used By Ex-GF Ali As A Storyline In Tonight’s SAS & He’s Heaps Pissed About It

The debut season of SAS Australia has not been short of drama and according to reports, tonight’s episode will include some bombshell revelations from former Bachelorette Ali Oetjen.

Apparently the reality star “breaks down” while discussing her recent split from ex-boyfriend Taite Radley, Daily Mail reports.

Meanwhile, the Bachelorette winner was totally in the dark about his ex’s on-screen outburst and has called her out in an interview with the publication.

“It would have been nice to hear it from her,” he said. “She hasn’t spoken to me about anything since she left.”

Ali (left) stars in the current season of SAS Australia. (Credit: Seven)

In tonight’s episode, Ali Oetjen will be interrogated by the trainers, who will apparently press her on her split from Taite.

“I guess I have to wait and see what’s on tonight,” Taite Radley added. “I think she is in a stage of her life where she is really finding herself truly.

“She’s not trying to be someone for someone she’s with to make them happy, she’s just trying to find her true self. When she does find that, the right person will come along and I wish her nothing but happiness. It obviously hurts seeing her so upset but I know it’s just part of her journey.”

Meanwhile, Ali Oetjen told the publication that her ex should not have been surprised to have been mentioned on the show as he knew “nothing was off limits” for the show’s recruits.

Former Bachie golden couple, Ali and Taite. (Credit: Instagram)

In a preview for the show, Ali Oetjen tears up as she says how “empty” she feels after losing the man she considered her “soulmate.”

Taite won Ali’s season of The Bachelorette back in 2018, after which the couple dated for two years before announcing their split in July.

SAS Australia continues tonight at 7:30 on Seven.