‘Bachie’ Winner Taite Caught In Extreme Flirt Mode Weeks After Filming Wrapped

Bachelorette winner Taite Radley apparently had quite a cheeky sesh with some gals over to celebrate Halloween and New Idea‘s got the pics.

[jwplayer cYRrlbK0]

The shots were taken in October, while he and his maybe fake girlfriend (???) Ali Oetjen were kept separate to avoid spoiling the finale. The finale where stony Radley finally fessed up to loving Oetjen.

Some attendees even described the “wild night” where Radley “acted like a celebrity” to the tabloid, talking about the way Radley lapped up the attention of women present at the ~private party~.

~Private party~ is the fancy way of saying a house party where you actually know the people there, and you’re not just ushering in people from the train station to make up the numbers.


Here’s the tea from the source, which only adds to the image some people have of Radley as a dirty dude, only in this for the fame who was totally fibbing when he dropped the L-bomb.

He was being a total sleaze. He was all over girls. A lot of people recognised him from the show but assumed he was single… After that night there was no way anyone thought Ali had chosen him.

Fuccboi behaviour!!!

He even apparently posed for plenty of pics – which you can see HERE – but asked that they not be posted to social media. What’s the point of glama pics with a reality TV contestant if you can’t drop them online?


A ‘friend’ of Radley agrees with the people theorising that Radley is only continuing the relationship via constant loved-up social media posts so he can score heaps of free shit.

Taite is only sticking around to get his Instagram numbers up and enjoy the perks of paid posts and free holidays. As soon as that starts to dry up he will be gone.

Outrageous. Shocking.

Last week, a Bachie producer told Who Radley was already aiming to become the Bachelor when he was still in the mansion, so actively tried to get Oetjen to fall for the eventual runner-up Todd King.

The “fame-hungry” bloke was playing the gameeeee: “He often called meetings with crew to make sure they knew he was playing the game and was happy to be steered in whichever direction they needed the show to go in.


This whole scandal about the legitimacy of their romance is deffo keeping the dude in the public eye – for now.

Let’s see how long that lasts.