Apparently Taite Radley Was Already Angling For ‘The Bachelor’ When He Won

Bachelorette winner/love of Ali Oetjen‘s damn life, Taite Radley, was apparently already in talks to become the next Bachelor in the lead-up to the finale, according to Who‘s super legit producer source.

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This producer person says Radley was there trying to get Oetjen to fall in love with certified nice guy Todd King because he didn’t actually want to win the thing.

Well this certainly levels up those leaked texts and social media posts about his lust for fame last week.

At least that would explain why Radley seemed to constantly be fuckin’ it up in the final episodes, withholding his ~true feelings~ and just kinda lookin’ dazed. “He started pushing her away,” says the source.

The producer called Taite a “fantastic manipulator“:

He only ever wanted to make it to the final two. He made it very clear from the start that while he knew winning the show is good for your public profile, becoming the heartbroken reject who gets a second chance is even better.

Oetjen, according to this source, was totally sucked in by “fame-hungry contestant” Radley.

The guy worked in a bank. Out of everyone on the show, she believed he had the right intentions and that she could trust his word.

But the dude was really getting into the Unreal spirit of the series, acquiescing to producer requests: “He was amicable and saw himself as part of the team to win ratings.

He often called meetings with crew to make sure they knew he was playing the game and was happy to be steered in whichever direction they needed the show to go in.

Radley and Oetjen appeared on The Project from Townsville last night to dispel some other tabloid rumours, including that the pair are already pregnant, maybe with twins called Heidi and Tali.

That’s great because I’ve always wanted twins. I didn’t know I was pregnant. That’s news to me.

And then Oetjen asserted repeatedly: “We’re definitely not pregnant.