Rumour Has It Sophie & Brittany Might Do ‘The Bachelorette’ Together Next Year

Rumour has it that the two women brutally dumped by Honey Badger at the end of this year’s The Bachelor, Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley, are set to cop a second chance at reality TV love as co-Bachelorettes, so an insider told NW.

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When it became clear that they wouldn’t be able to cast Brooke Blurton – who stars in Bachelor in Paradise next year – who they were “desperate to have” as Australia‘s first bisexual Bachelorette, producers apparently had to “come up with a Plan B” and turned their eyes towards a different Bachie first: let’s have two of them!

The insider reckons the gimmick is part of a producer plot to claw back ratings after Ali Oetjen‘s poorly viewed season: “Producers needed a new trick to win back the ratings. And this is it.

Okay, sure, uh huh, pls explain further, elusive insider:

Instead of just one girl handing out the roses, they figured why not get both of them in the mansion and have a double Bachelorette.

They’re already best friends, and have dated the same guy once before and were able to respect that and make it work. So it’s easy for them to do it again, this time with a whole batch of boys.

Jesus, imagine. Would that mean there would be more than 18 men for once? What if they both fancied the same one? What if a pack of the blokes fancied one woman more than the other? What if not one of the dudes was up to snuff for either of them? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

And how would this work? One week on, one week off like Bachelor in Paradise? Both just handing out roses one after the other during the ceremony, like they’re choosing teams for T-ball? Don’t ya reckon it would hurt even more to be dumped by both women?

Anyway, it could well work, considering the girls’ solid af friendship. Talking to PEDESTRIAN.TV after that finale, Hockley described her fellow dumpee as “an amazing human” and said that they had “snuck off” to the Hunter Valley together for a wine weekend in the aftermath of their double rejection: “We’ve been low-key sorta supporting each other.

Tieman too told us they’re “extremely close” and were “enjoying the single life” together, really pressing the point that this year’s Bachie really showed off the power of “women supporting women“.

So they could support each other through the ups and downs of breaking the hearts of a dozen or so ripped blokes. Sounds like good telly.