Richie Strahan Might Be On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ To Get Revenge On Alex Nation

After both being spotted heading to Fiji to maybe, could be, probably film Bachelor in Paradise, stories are swirling about Richie Strahan and Alex Nation‘s intentions behind going on the show.

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A mate of Strahan’s told New Idea that he certainly wouldn’t be falling in love again with his Bachelor babe, pointing out that he’d had two short-lived relationships since the pair called things off in August last year.

He flew off determined there was no chance he was going to weaken again. Time is a great healer and his plan was to be as polite and courteous to Alex as possible.

But he did have some idea of what he’d be in for, once he was convinced by producers to appear on the show.

Richie figured one of three things was going to happen in Fiji: Alex would either apologise, make his time there as uncomfortable as possible – which would make for good TV – or try to win him back.

Meanwhile, another ‘insider’, this time care of NW, thinks Strahan himself has another motive for signing on the series: to get back at Nation, who went public with her relationship with Maegan Luxa back in November 2017 after the success of the same-sex marriage vote. Although there were rumours about the pair, who met playing AFL, swirling as early as August. Just like there were stories that Strahan and Nation broke up back in May 2017. God I’m exhausted trying to keep track of this timeline.

Richie was no doubt heartbroken when Alex moved on so quickly with Maegan. It’s crossed some people’s minds that he might hatch a plan to get back at Alex.


But the reality is that they both signed up with the full knowledge that the show is about a bunch of people trying out dating a bunch of people – it’s just a bummer that the exes, now that they know they’re on the show together, might both end up vying for the same woman. Maybe even for one of the only two 100% confirmed (not just pictured on set/at the airport) contenders, Brooke Blurton and Cass Wood.

Richie and Alex will have no choice but to watch each other date around Paradise, and if he just so happens to like the same girl that Alex does, that’s going to make for a very interesting love triangle.

Season two is totally going to surpass season one in terms of spice with these former lovers on board. See you there.