Alex Nation Drops The L-Word In Cute Insta Post About Her Girlfriend

Alex Nation Maegan Luxa

Just a week after Alex Nation confirmed that she’s currently in a same-sex relationship after breaking up with Bachie boyfriend Richie Strahan, the single mum has revealed that she’s in love with her girlfriend Maegan Luxa.

God damn, these two are so cute and our hearts can’t take it.

Nation took to Instagram to declare her feelings for Luxa, saying: “When it comes to love, my friends and family would tell you that my heart isn’t one to discriminate. I very much fall for a person and the connection that I share with them.”

Just look at this ridiculously cute pic for yourself, would you?

Oh man.

By the looks of things, Nation’s six-year-old son Elijah is pretty thrilled about his mum’s new partner too. Here are the pair of them doin’ some household chores like old mates:

Rumours had been swirling about the loved-up duo as far back as August, but Nation was prompted to finally make it official and public after November 15’s historic ‘Yes’ vote result.

She released a statement to Kidspot confirming her relationship with Luxa, before posting their very first couple pic.

Cute, cute, CUTE.