Former The Bachelor finalist Alex Nation has issued a response to the life-affirming positive result of the marriage equality survey, saying she’s absolutely stoked that Australia stood behind relationships like the one between her and partner Maegan Luxa. 

In a short address to Kidspot (yes, we know), Nation – who split from Western Australian Richie Strahan after their Bachelor season drew to a close – Nation addressed her new relationship publicly for the first time.

She drew a connection between the postal vote and her personal life, saying that when the result was called, “I was in my lounge room on my own because my partner Maegan was at work and I was texting her the whole time.

“I sent her a text message saying ‘yes’ with all different coloured love hearts and underneath it I said ‘I couldn’t be more happy to be a part of this journey with you.’”

Describing her unexpected relationship with footy teammate Luxa, Nation said “a woman caught me by surprise, out of nowhere. Initially, I was confused, scared even. I’m not anymore.

“Her soul is beautiful and mine recognised that.”

As for how the vote will impact her relationship and many, many more like it across Australia, Nation said it meant “Yes to the right to be authentic, brave and bold and to be united without stigma. To be unapologetic about who you love regardless of gender or race.”

She also posted a beaut shot with Luxa in the aftermath of the vote, capping her message off with a string of rainbow hearts.


You can catch her full message HERE.

Source: Kidspot