The Latest ‘Bachie’ Rumour Is That Ali & Taite Are Faking Their Relationship

The relationship between Bachelorette Ali Oetjen and her chosen bae Taite Radley might be a big ol’ sham, according to Woman’s Day.

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Of course this is the first time ever that a pair of Bachie lovebirds have been accused of faking it for the cameras/free shit/press, except for remember that time, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I swear we all cottoned on to Stu Laundy and Sophie Monk‘s breakup months before they even did.

Radley and Oetjen, while looking extremely coupled up on Insta – too coupled up if you ask me – are accused of potentially staying together to save the entire franchise.

The Australian people simply couldn’t handle both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette ending the year single – ’cause, don’t you remember, Honey Badger chose nobody back in October. NOBODY. And if no reality TV dating contestant can find true love, then the very concept of love is cancelled.

Apparently it’s fans that are claiming that Oetjen and Radley are playing their relationship up – trying to fuel engagement rumours by going to the jewellery store, and hanging out at a local chapel, things that could be easily explained.

And then there was all the joking, including pics of a pregnancy test on Radley’s Insta, ahead of their appearance on The Project to dispel rumours  that Oetjen is already up the duff.

A body language expert, Holly Bartter – a very legit profession, just like writing Bachelorette recaps – told the Daily Mail that Radley “uncomfortable” and not genuine: “Taite definitely appears a little more camera-shy and aware of being affectionate in public, looking up when Ali looks up at him and gazing into his eyes.”

Well if an expert is saying it!

Daily Mail have even managed to get pap shots of the pair on holiday which are definitely not worth of the ‘Gram, which can look at HERE if you want to. Which begs the question: do these pics indicate a fractured relationship or just two people who physically cannot be smiling all the time?

Meanwhile just yesterday Radley was Storying the hell out of Grapevine in the Yarra Valley, so says Who, who have the screengrabs showing him with a ~mystery woman~. All very conclusive, folks.

What we do know is that they’re choosing to post pictures of each other in a loved-up way. Maybe they’re loved-up. Maybe they’re presenting the best versions of themselves on social media, just like all of us. Or maybe they’re keeping this up so they can keep going on fancy ass free holidays. Who can say?