Ali Oetjen Said She Was ‘Consumed’ By Her Breakup With Taite Radley In Super Candid Interview

Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley announced their big Bachie breakup back in July and since then, we’ve been fed heaps and heaps of tea about exactly what went down.

The latest serving comes via today’s episode of Nova Podcast How To… Life where the SAS Australia star appeared to promote the show and she discussed her split from Taite, plus a bunch of Bachelorette goss, in the process.

She began by saying that she struggled to prepare for the show because she was heartbroken over her split.

“I didn’t really get nervous before SAS because I was just consumed with the breakup. So I wasn’t stressing about it, I just thought: ‘Throw me off a helicopter, do whatever’,” she said.

Taite and Ali, back in the day. (Credit: Instagram)

She went on to say that she had to stop herself from constantly stalking Taite on Insta and look, we’ve all been there (with our exes, I mean. Not with Taite lol).

“You can’t help but not check their Instagram,” she said. “I can definitely say that I have stopped checking his Instagram because I found that was a pattern as well that I had to break.”

Following their split, Ali says she and Taite have officially ceased all communication, hence why he did not know that he was going to be discussed on SAS.

“It’s really hard because it was evident at the start [of the breakup] that we both really didn’t want to fully let go,” she said. “So there was texting and phone calls and then the texting dropped off. I realised every time we would have a text, the next day I would just be in pieces.”

Ali and Taite during the Bachelorette finale. (Credit: Ten)

Ali Oetjen then spilled a bunch of Bachie tea, including the fact that she knew he was a frontrunner when they first met.

“That first date was definitely a ‘I know who he is now and he’s a front runner’,” she said.

But despite her falling hard for him straight off the bat, the Bachie producers would force her to cut their dates short so that she could hang out with the other blokes and keep the show going, which is fair.

“Sometimes when you had a really good date and you didn’t want it to end, they’re like ‘no you have to go home’ and off camera you’d be hugging and not wanting to leave,” she said.

SAS Australia continues tonight at 7:30pm on Seven.