Kyle Sandilands Apologised To Ali Oetjen For Making Her An Explicit Punchline For 2.5 Years

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Well, hell has frozen over, folks: Kyle Sandilands has apologised to one of the many people he’s offended with his dirty, dirty mouth.

On today’s episode of KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Ali Oetjen made an appearance to discuss SAS Australia, and the shock jock issued a surprising apology to her for incessantly bringing up the ‘staircase incident’ on air.

Kyle said that he felt “remorseful” for his part in those wild rumours that Ali’s ex-boyfriend Grant Kemp had caught her having sex with one of his mates on the staircase.

Grant and Ali on Bachelor In Paradise. (Credit: Ten)

He admitted that watching Ali’s emotional break down on a recent episode of SAS Australia while discussing her ex Taite Radley made him feel like dogshit (as he should).

“I was watching it by myself on the chair at home and I teared up when you started crying, because I thought, ‘Jesus, I’m part of that culture that talked about you shone the spotlight on things you may not have wanted to talk about’,” he said.

“And I felt, for the first time ever, very remorseful about my part in that, so I just wanted to let you know that,” he added.

“You suffered it, you had the anxiety and all that stuff, and I felt like a piece of shit.”

Ali was left speechless (as were the rest of us) and thanked Kyle Sandilands for his apology.

“I regret that, I didn’t realise that you were going through such a tough time,” Kyle said.

“It felt fun at the time … you forget sometimes that people on TV are real human beings.”

Have a listen to the full thing here.

Mhmm. (Credit: 60 Minutes)

Kyle Sandilands has brought up the staircase scandal many times over the years, most recently just last week with her SAS Australia co-star Firass Dirani.

“We haven’t seen Ali be interrogated yet, but do you think they’ll bring up when she got eaten out on the stairs by the random?” he said at the time.

A bit of back story: Ali’s ex-boyfriend Grant Kemp, whom she met on Bachelor in Paradise in 2018, publicly accused her of cheating on him.

Grant claimed that he’d walked in on Ali while she was having sex with one of his mates on the staircase back when they lived in America. Head here to read more about that wild incident.