Ali Will Give One ‘Bachie’ Bloke The Boot For Spreading Cheating Scandal Goss

Obviously a very trusted source has hit up NW to spill the tea about what we’re in for on this Wednesday’s ep: specifically that everything last week’s promo hinted at is absolutely true, and 23-year-old party boy/Hench Zac Efron Nathan Favro is getting dumped.

Alright, here’s the source:

One of the boys snitches and tells Ali that there has been some gossiping about the cheating rumours surrounding her, and 
she flips! She storms in, tells him to pack his 
bags and get out. She even cancelled the rose ceremony.

Now in case you are not across the gossip surrounding Oetjen, the story goes that after her whirlwind romance with American Grant Kemp on Bachelor in Paradise, she headed over to LA to meet up with bae, only to cheat on him with one of his mates.

It’s obviously more graphic than that, with Kemp telling Kyle and Jackie O“I walked in with my friend Sabrina – who witnessed this whole thing – sees him going down on her on my stairs, so I kicked her out of my house that night.”


Now, Oetjen appears to address the scandal in Wednesday’s show, or so the preview suggests.

A tearful Ali hints at Kemp not being who he seemed: “I’ve been so hurt in the past because I’ve had people just delivering lines to me. I’ve had people saying ‘Yeah, I want two kids too.’ When I go visit them in LA, they’re a party animal.

The preview seems to substantiate the NW source up there. The snitch is Charlie Newling. The gossip is Nathan Favro. Favro is totally being ousted.

In a piece to camera, Newling resolves to tell Oetjen what Favro has been saying, and apparently he takes his opportunity at the cocktail party, saying: “He made up stories that he knows people that are your friends apparently that emphasise that the rumours were true.

So of course Oetjen responds appropriately because as if that kid has any idea: “Oh my God, let me at ’em.

She comes for Favro: “I heard you were saying really disgusting things about me this afternoon, and I wanna know what it is that you were saying.

Don’t you bloody well know we’ll be tuning in to watch the whole thing go down.