‘Bachie’ Star Grant Has Given Even More Spicy Deets On Ali’s Alleged Cheating

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Bachelor In Paradise star Grant Kemp dropped the mother of all bombshells yesterday to New Idea, claiming that in fact, HE broke up with his ex Ali Oetjen – because he caught her cheating on him with his friend.

WILD, friends. It’s extremely wild.

Anyway, we didn’t have much to go off yesterday besides the bare bones of what happened. Here’s what we knew – Ali went to LA. Grant and Ali went out with mates, came back, and at some point in the night Grant apparently caught her “hooking up” with a friend of his in his home. He dumped her, the end.

Now, Grant’s spoken to Kyle and Jackie O about what went down, and gone into more detail.

“I walked in with my friend Sabrina – who witnessed this whole thing – sees him going down on her on my stairs, so I kicked her out of my house that night,” he told the hosts.

He then says he kicked her out then and there.

“I was shocked, I mean I didn’t even know what to think at the time … I was like, ‘You need to get all your stuff in your suitcase now and leave.’”

He also went into more detail as to how Ali reacted.

She was like, ‘Please, please I hate myself for this, I’m so sorry I can’t believe I did this.’ … It’s like, ‘Dude you did it, I don’t care if you were drunk or not, that’s no excuse.”

Grant also addressed some of the rumours that were swirling, although what? Have NOT heard this threesome one.

“The only reason I was willing to talk to you guys was because I was getting attacked with the articles that went out about ‘oh, he wanted to have a threesome with her, she ran home scared’. That’s not what happened at all. It was the opposite of that,”  he said.

Ali has still not commented on the allegations, and maybe she never will? She is, after all, our new Bachelorette. She’s probs over there like PLS SHUT UP AND GO AWAY, GRANT.