‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Grant Has Wildly Accused Ali Of Cheating On Him

Hooooooo boy. Mates, I thought we were officially done with Bachelor In Paradise drama but, much like their Married At First Sight predecessors, these folks will not quit until every single drop of their 10 minutes fame is well and truly splashed across the tabloids.

The spiciest news to come today? Grant Kemp is claiming HE dumped Ali Oetjen – our new Bachelorette, my friends – because she *le gasp* CHEATED ON HIM.

The Bachelor In Paradise star spoke to New Idea about his relationship with Ali, saying it was an incident that happened when Ali moved to LA. Like, literal days afterward.

The third or fourth day she got here, we went out and this night – when all this stuff happened – I had people over after going out to a club. I live in a gated community so I have to go down and let people in sometimes. So, I leave my house with my friend Sabrina, to go and grab my friends and bring them back upstairs, and when we walk back inside, we come up the stairs and [Ali] is hooking up with this dude.


It gets even more hectic. Apparently, the dude Ali hooked up with was a mate of Grants?

‘I kicked her out and he slept on my couch that night. The guy that this all went down with, he didn’t even know she was with me, he didn’t even know who she was. He thought she was some random girl at my house!’

Grant reckons Ali then apologised profusely via text, but he wouldn’t hear it. In even more spicy news, New Idea reckons they’ve seen the texts.

‘She starts blowing up at me the next day saying: “I’m so sorry. I was wasted. That’s not me.” And I was like, “No, I don’t want to see you. I told her to stop talking to me: “I’m about to block you”, so that’s what I did, I blocked her and she flew home the next day or something like that.’

He went on to say that, once the pair were off the show, the vibe changed big-time.

‘When I was on the show I was [in love with her] but then after, when I hung out with her, I saw some red flags. I went out with her a couple of times and we were drinking and she was just a little bit crazy. So, I wanted to make sure that she could handle the lifestyle that I live in LA because she wanted to get a job here and move here.’

Whether this is all just sour grapes because they split up, or whether it’s legit is undetermined. Ali is yet to comment on Grant’s claims.

Regardless it’s HUGE IF TRUE, amirite?