Well last night’s Bachelorette got a little spicy didn’t it, with Ali Oetjen choosing to dramatically drop 23-year-old builder Nathan Favro at the cocktail party, when she found out he was spreading rumours about her relationship with Grant Kemp to the boys in the mansion.

For a full recap, have a read of this:

Or if you just want to watch the exact moment Oetjen tells Favro to bugger off, then  watch this:

Your mates at PEDESTRIAN.TV had the chance to speak to Favro today, and he said it was all much ado about nothing. If anything, he seemed to have found perspective on all the events that night, and didn’t begrudge either Oetjen or the blokes who dobbed him in, like Charlie Newling, later backed up by Taite Radley and Pete Stephen.

Rather than feeling like it was unfair that he was sent home for having a gab with the boys about rumours that have been widely reported in the Aussie media, he now tries to see the incident through Ali’s eyes.

I guess Ali she has to stand strong and she can’t come across as someone who lets anyone push her around or anything like that, so I guess she has to make a stand and prove to the other guys that she’s not here to muck around.

But at the same time, realistically, I know it was blown up to be a massive thing, but when you break it down it was actually a pretty small, trivial thing.

Favro says pretty much all the blokes were sitting by the pool “talking about what they’d heard” about Oetjen’s trip to LA to visit her partner in Paradise, Kemp. Still, h einsists it was all nothing: “It wasn’t in any malice or anything like that.

Ultimately though, Oetjen might have been doing Favro a favour by sending him packing:

In some ways I was annoyed [to leave] and in some ways I was ready to go. There was so much drama, and I know it doesn’t seem like it because I was involved in all the drama, but I actually hate confrontation. I try to avoid a lot of drama but it just seemed to find its way to me. I was getting over it.

He says now he’s not even cheesed off at people like Newling, who went to Oetjen to dob on him, and with whom he had a little bit of a biffo during the ep, saying at the time: “I feel sorry for Ali if she ends up with you, because you’re a fucking spiteful and jealous person.

No, he has no ill will to any of the blokes left in the mansion: “The other boys, they spoke their mind and they spoke how they felt. I’ve no hard feelings towards them. It’s fine. It’s all good now – I don’t hold a grudge against anyone.

And even with all that drama, Favro can still come away from the series respecting his competitors. He says “All of them deep down have a good heart.” He even takes great pains to stress that he and Paddy Colliar mended their relationship after their first night almost-throwdown: “Paddy comes across really shitty but he’s actually got a good heart. He’s actually a really genuine guy.

He subscribes to the thinking that ‘Everything happens for a reason’, and says he’s ultimately “happy with the way that it went down“. The only thing he’d even consider doing differently is perhaps being more “careful who I trust with things that I say“.

Favro is candid about his reason for going onto The Bachelorette – like last night’s dumpee Wes Ford, he was asked to audition for the show. He says he was contacted over Instagram as a potential candidate: “I just thought ‘I’ve said yes to everything else in my life, so why not say yes to something like this?’

Some thought Favro, at 23, is way too young to have seriously been thinking he was ready to settle down with Ali Oetjen – who is on the record marriage and kids in her hometown of Adelaide. Favro though says he went on the show, with the knowledge that 32-year-old Oetjen was The Bachelorette, to figure that out.

Admittedly I didn’t know whether we were at the same point in our lives. Realistically I was just going in there to find out if we could make it work. I would never say never, y’know?

Ali’s a cool chick. She’s not normally somebody that I would typically go for. That was the thing: obviously I haven’t found my type yet because I’m single. I was just keen to go in there and see how it went.

He says Oetjen would be “missing out” if she didn’t end up with one of the remaining lads in the mansion, and he knows who he’s rooting for: “I hope Bill wins. I think he’s a good man.

Favro himself is not yet back on the dating scene, and is coy when asked if the rumblings that he’s already signed onto Bachelor in Paradise are in fact true: “I’ve got no idea what the higher power’s plan for me is, but we’ll see.

Image: Network Ten