Ali Oetjen & Taite Radley Might Be Off ‘Cos He Wants To Shave His Beard

Every day is a good day for a new rumour about 2018 Bachelorette couple, Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley, and today’s is a doozy: Oetjen’s apparently trying to ~control~ Radley, and he’s just about ready to call it quits, so says New Idea.

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A mysterious insider calls Radley trapped and miserable, and would like to call the whole thing off now pls – especially because she wont let him shave his face.

He has quickly realised how demanding Ali is when it comes to managing the public’s perception of her and of course that now includes their relationship too. Taite is at his wits’ end and just wants out.

No way a Bachie contestant is super invested in their public image, I don’t believe it. Everything everyone posts on Instagram is totally legit and a true and accurate reflection of their everyday lives.

There is apparently a concrete example – beyond “grin[ning] and bear[ing]” tantrums/arguments about social media strategies (???) – of how Oetjen is always telling Radley what to do.

Alright insider, givvus: “At one point Taite wanted to grow his beard back and when Ali noticed she was furious with him. She basically told him that he couldn’t do anything like that without permission and that his stubble suited their brand so he had to keep it.

I mean, it’s probably true that his stubble suits his brand. He might be one of those dudes who looks prepubescent when the beard is gone. You discover they actually had dimples and not like the good cute kind.

The story goes Radley is afraid of public backlash – re: falling into obscurity – if he ends his probably manufactured relationship with Oetjen. But he really wants to because she chooses his outfits for him, won’t let him talk to other girls, and makes him text her every hour.

The source links this ~controlling behaviour~ – which is absolutely not happening, this is likely just one of those weird crazy grrl narratives blokes use as a copout – to Oetjen’s urge to be on TV again.

She knows the show bombed in ratings and that because of that it’s unlikely she would get another gig on TV again, but she has this crazy idea that the more she makes the papers [and] the more people talk about them, then maybe producers will take note and ask her to be on something else.

Yesterday, according to Insta Stories, Oetjen and Radley were in Darwin on a li’l bb plane, because why not?

Still baby plane, schmaybe plane, another presumably free couple’s vacation does not a blissful love story make. Especially when Radley was just in it for fame/a shot at The Bachelor anyway.

One last dig from the insider: “He didn’t expect it to end this way. He was more than happy to get the freebies and enjoy [it] for the ride. But it has become toxic and he knows he looks like a fool.”