Former Bachie Matty J Gives A Big Thumbs Up To Rumoured 2019 Star Scott Tweedie

Matty J, beloved 2017 Bachelor, the one who did not dump two chixx on national television – Honey Badger!!!! *furious fist shaking* – has said that he totally approves of rumoured 2019 lead, Scott Tweedie, co-host of The Loop.

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Speaking to The Daily Tele, Johnson said “nice guy” Tweedie would make the perfect Bachelor: “He’s such a hard-working, nice guy, he fits the mould perfectly.”

Earlier this week, a mysterious insider spilled that Tweedie had been approached by Network Ten execs after his break-up with his partner of five years, model Georgia Berg, became public knowledge.

When they found out that Scott was single, they were straight to him with an offer to be the next Bachelor.

Scott is already comfortable in front of the camera, he is very different to the recent guys who have been on the show.

One of his mates though dispelled the rumours, saying Tweedie “doesn’t seem very keen” to wear a suit and judge women for money over the course of six weeks. Plus he “hardly needs help with the ladies”.

Scott would be great but I doubt he will do it. He doesn’t seem very keen. He has worked pretty hard to get where he is and this could impact his future.

Meanwhile Matty J’s Bachelor squeeze Laura Byrne is battling pregnancy rumours because she dared NOT DRINK at a function the other week/has been papped holding stuff like apples in front of her tum-tum. Wow, so conclusive.

The Matty J interview comes in the wake of the news the former Bachelor, now… something?? will become a co-host for Nova‘s summer breakfast show, with Matt De Groot and Sarah McGilvray.

I’ve got mixture of nerves and excitement like with any job. You get first day nerves and you really don’t want to stuff up and make a good first impression.

Johnson also apparently hinted at W.E.D.D.I.N.G. B.E.L.L.S (we are suckers for Bachie weddings), but says he’s struggling to figure out what to do about the ring – considering Byrne is the jewellery designer behind Toni May.

He’s tossing up between “send[ing] an actor in undercover and design the perfect ring or go to one of her competitors and piss her off”.