Rob Says He Was Inspired To Apply For ‘Bachie’ By His Ex’s ‘MAFS’ Experience

Rob Colangelo, the sauciest boy, was sent home on last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, because it seemed like his connection with Ali Oetjen just couldn’t override her cousin and best mate’s grim opinion of him.

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He invited her to the mansion early to talk about their issues, seemed to resolve them, only to tell the other blokes that while he had packed his bags after last week’s rose ceremony he had since been assured of where he stood with Oetjen.

Yeah, he failed to bring that little tidbit up with her, and she was understandably real hurt. He did just tell the boys that he was about to walk out on her, but had decided against it. Cold.

Talking to PEDESTRIAN.TV today, Colangelo admits he cocked it up there, and pinpoints that moment, going back to the mansion after their chat, as when “it all just fell to pieces“: “I probably should’ve been a little bit more upfront and honest about having packed my bags. I didn’t see it to be that big a deal at the time, but obviously it was. I’d let her know that my thoughts were that of leaving.

Still, he doesn’t regret asking Oetjen’s cousin and mate whether Ali had properly healed since her last break-up and was ready to enter into a new relationship.

I wouldn’t change that. I think that was perfectly valid and I stand by my convictions with that.

I’ve been through a few relationships myself: there’s nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone and they’re still dealing with the guys from their past and they haven’t gotten over it yet. It kinda never gets anywhere. It’s important to me that when you enter a relationship with someone that they’re completely ready to be in a relationship, they’ve done all the work they’ve needed to do to get over whatever went wrong in their past, and make sure that it’s not gonna happen again.

Even just a week ago, Colangelo would’ve said that he thought he was in with a real good chance of ending up with Oetjen at the end of the series.

Before having the friends and family and all that I would’ve sat there and told you I probably could go all the way, I probably would’ve made it to the end, and would’ve been able to see myself at that final two, being potentially the one that Ali picks to go home with.

Ali and I had a pretty deep, meaningful connection, on many different wavelengths. It was multi-faceted in a way that it was not just surface deep, it wasn’t just attraction. It was mentally we were on the same page, our lives were in similar places, relationship-wise we’d kinda been through a lot of the same things. We were on the same page with a lot of things, but I think in the end we were just on two different paths.

Ultimately Colangelo says it “all unravelled pretty fast for me“:

I was really disheartened after finding out her best friend and cousin didn’t like me. That really played heavily on my conscience because I’m a very big family man. If your best friend and your cousin don’t like me, your family don’t like your partner, it’s very hard to have a relationship from then on out. In my eyes it’s almost doomed. I could never date somebody who didn’t get on with my friends and my family.

I think we just got to the point of return where we didn’t really know if we could come back from it. Obviously I had my bags packed in the morning, and kinda was unsure whether I’d even come back from that chat or not. I stayed because I’m one to give love a chance, I don’t give up that easy.

I was pretty sad to say goodbye and have it all come to an end the way it did. But in the end I think it probably worked out for the best and it was meant to be that way.

Colangelo says he didn’t even think he’d get onto The Bachelorette: “I just went on for a bit of a laugh.

He freely admits that he was inspired to apply by the experience his ex-girlfriend, Carly Bowyer, had on Married at First Sight. Nothing like going on a reality TV dating show because your ex-girlfriend already did it.

After hearing all about my ex-girlfriend Carly [Bowyer] being on Married at First Sight and the fun that she had there, and obviously the relationship that she was able to take away from that with Troy [Delmege], I just thought y’know what, it’s worked for Carly – she seems to have had such a good, positive experience and she’s now in love with someone –  that could be me too.

Colangelo’s pick for the winner is underdog/supremely awkward sweaty dude Daniel Noonan.

Daniel although a bit awkward last night he is a bit sweet and he’s completely different to who she normally dates. She could kinda go full left-field and go with Daniel here. But who knows? He’s definitely a very nice, sweet, genuine person and you know what, that could be exactly what she needs and what she’s looking for.

For now, Colangelo is open to Bachelor in Paradise – “Who would say no to a free holiday in Fiji?” – and says he’s “still single and still searching for love“.

Best of luck to you on your quest for love, Robbo.