‘Bachie’ Reject Daniel Isn’t Even Mad He Was Edited As ‘Random Bloke #5’

Last night on The Bachelorette saw the departure of a much-loved minor character, Daniel Noonan, a silent man who seemed to blag his way to the final five.

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We saw him cop the first rose at the end of week three, which had the nation asking the reasonable question, who is this man?

At one point he mounted a crocodile for love, scoring a bit of one-on-one time, but never a single date, with Ali Oetjen, and in their few interactions he seemed awkward as hell. Like for some reason they showed us so much footage of them talking about his excess sweat.  Still, a number of recent evictees pegged Daniel as a possible winner, like Paddy, Rob and Danny.

Noonan though assures PEDESTRIAN.TV he is not the awkward person we saw on the telly. He reckons in some ways he was definitely unfairly represented: “I’m definitely not an awkward person, and my time with Ali was definitely fun, full of conversation.

And he’s not going to pretend it wasn’t difficult to see the way he was portrayed as a ghost – all because he “wasn’t involved in any drama and they were definitely going down the line of a drama-filled show“.

It definitely was frustrating that I wasn’t getting any airtime at all. No one really got to see who exactly I am, and people were just wondering, ‘How on earth did this mysterious guy get to the top five?’ Obviously there’s a reason I got to the top five because there is a connection there, just unfortunately the viewer can’t see that.

Still Noonan says “he’s happy with all the conversations that [he] had with Ali” and wouldn’t change a thing about his time in the mansion.


What connection did he see with Oetjen?

We share a lot of the same interests. We’re definitely adventurous people, we like to live a healthy lifestyle. There’s a lot of interests that are the same and we just get along really well.

The reason he decided to take a spin on The Bachelorette was a matter of timing:

“I’m just at the stage in my life where I definitely want to find the one and settle down. And Ali definitely ticks a lot of my boxes, so I thought I may as well have a crack and go on the show.

As for the cocktail party last night, where Todd King seemed to interrupt his chat with Oetjen just as he was about to spill his feelings for her, Noonan says us viewers didn’t actually miss anything at all.

At another time he said he’d already told her he was “ready to drop [his] guard and sort of take that plunge, not knowing how far [he] could fall“, and he was simply intending to reiterate that sentiment.

Noonan says that bit, where he’s wearing the exact same suit and speaking to camera about how it doesn’t seem like the right time “to say what he wanted to say” was “from a different episode“. No, he says, he had already said his piece when King interrupted.


But he doesn’t begrudge either the producers cutting the episode that way or King cutting their chat short.

Obviously there was reasons for [the producers] doing it their way, but as long as I know that I told Ali exactly what I wanted to say, that was my only thing.

[Todd] didn’t really interrupt anything. I was happy to let Todd have his time with Ali because as I said I’d spoken to Ali, I’d let her know everything that I wanted to sort of get off my mind, and I was happy with that.

Interestingly, Noonan spills that there’s really no way to tell how long one of those cocktail party chats really goes for, if King interrupted after five minutes or 50 minutes. Like being in a casino, there’s no clocks in the Bachelorette mansion – “no time, no TV, no radio, literally nothing with the outside world at all, especially not time“.

While Noonan thinks Charlie Newling might be a bit too “full-on” for Oetjen, he is convinced one of the remaining four blokes is the “one for her“. His money’s on Bill Goldsmith to capture Oetjen’s affection.

I think Bill might take this one away, he’s just a down-to-earth, genuine person. Not to say that the rest of them aren’t, but I just think their connection is pretty strong and I can see a good future for both of them.

Noonan says he’s still single, partly because he’s been keeping himself out of the spotlight since filming on the series wrapped. “I’ve been keeping myself on the down low, so still single, and we’ll see what happens next.