Former Bachelor Matty J Rags On Ali Oetjen’s Attention-Seeking Ex, Grant Kemp

Matty J, the man who was crushed by Georgia Love in season two of The Bachelorette, only to find romance with Laura Byrne on The Bachelor, has commented on the cheating scandal that still haunts the current Bachelorette, Ali Oetjen.

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Speaking to Daily Mail over the weekend, Johnson said: “At this point, they’re just wild accusations by Grant [Kemp]. What’s his motive? Maybe he’s jealous that she’s back in the spotlight and he’s not. It’s hard to know what is the truth and what is a made-up story.

Oetjen’s scorned ex, Grant Kemp from Bachelor in Paradise, really tore into her almost as soon as the series ended, alleging that she had sexual relations with one of his mates. It was some scolding hot tea.

Johnson also defended the franchise, which has been suffering pretty poor ratings, its premiere scoring the lowest ratings of any of the previous seasons.

It could be down to the fact that there’s a lot of love on TV at the moment and I guess there’s a lot of competition with Love Island and Married At First Sight.  I don’t think The Bachelor [franchise] needs to do anything different. Of all the shows its definitely the most wholesome and credible at creating couples. Like every good product there’s always going to be good peaks and troths, and I think it won’t be long until The Bachelor is back on top.

Meanwhile, Laura Byrne chatted to 9Honey today, giving away some insight on what really goes down after production wraps.

She says the only thing anyone signs is a non-disclosure agreement – you cannot tell anyone what you know about the series – but there’s no contract or rule about the winning couple staying together. She calls that “bullshit“. So, that means it’s totally legally fine that Dasha Gaivoronski and Charlie Newling have been caught on dates, while this season is still on the air.

There are no contracts that you sign. You don’t have any obligation to pretend to be in a relationship and you also don’t have any obligation to pretend to not be in a relationship. If Dasha and Charlie want to be in a relationship together, then they’re not breaking any rules – it’s just looked badly upon.

Byrne also said that Network Ten approve Bachie contestants social media posts during the season.

A guy from the social media team would send us through a package of pictures. We could choose any of those pictures from that. You choose the photos you want to post and then you let them know, ‘I’m going to post this photo, I’m going to post this caption,’ and then Channel 10 says, ‘Yeah that’s totally fine.’ They’re not trying to censor people but they’re just trying to make sure that people aren’t being emotional and they’re not saying something that’s going to provoke the audience, and they’re not giving anything away.

And her experience with paps sounds fkn horrific, even as she makes a point of saying she understands it’s just part of their jobs, and they’re actually “nice guys“.

During the show, they stalked me. They were out in front of my house, three cars, every single day. They would follow me. I drove all the way down to Willow Grove, Victoria, to see my grandma in the hospital. They followed me the whole way. I drove around a roundabout six times. They followed me around the roundabout. From the minute that the show started until the day of the finale because they wanted to get proof I won, and they were relentless.

JFC, we do not envy that.