Australia Doesn’t Know How To Feel About ‘Bachie’ Lad Ivan’s Constant Dancing

Now the standout from tonight’s Bachelorette episode – which would almost make you think he was being set up to be sent home – was obviously our young Magic Mike wannabe Ivan.

For a full recap, check out our rundown here:

The dude loves to dance, and it’s surprisingly wholesome. We saw him dance while all the other blokes chucked a footy around and fed alpacas.

We watched him dance when he won one-on-one time with Ali.

We saw him dance for a second time during the cocktail party, one last ditch effort to stay within the mansion, to stay in the running for Ali’s heart. This one was perfectly to choreographed, and a big totally unsurprising surprise.

And finally we saw him groove over to the Bachelorette herself when he did by some miracle cop a rose, even though Ali does not want to have that many babies that quickly, and will certainly not be joining him in Atlanta when he auditions for Step Up.

Well Australia is confused about our feelings for Ivan. While my first reaction was to say fkn stop, I’m becoming more and more endeared by the goofy dude who believes in the transformative power of hip hop dance.

Let’s see how opinion is split on this very, very important issue.

And let’s talk about the (correct) flip side, the side of those of us who support a man looking to follow his big dreams.

To conclude, can we all take a second to come together and remember this iconic moment from Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor?