‘Bachie’ Dancer Ivan Tells Us Someone In The Mansion Dobbed Him Into Ali Too

Sadly for all lovers of dance, Ivan Krslovic, a man who feels the groove deep inside his heart, was sent home on last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, after a nail-biting double date decider.

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Nail-biting in the sense that we were straight up gnawing on our knuckles watching Krslovic try to blend two whole avocados: skin, pits and all.

When PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to the newly ousted lonelyheart this morning, we couldn’t help but ask what the hell was going on there: has he never made his own avo toast, the national dish of all Australians under 30?

I just read the instructions that said ‘Two avocados in the blender’ so that’s exactly what I did. I wasn’t really thinking… I’d never cut an avocado before, so [I read] ‘Put two avocados in a blender’, I saw the avocados, and just popped them in.

On the phone, Krslovic is warm and bright, a force of nature. He speaks excitedly, and really quickly, promising to give us, the last interview of the day, “120 per cent“.

He tells us he had no idea Ali Oetjen suspected he wasn’t genuine – on the telly, it looked like she might have chosen him for the match-up because she wasn’t so sure they were compatible considering his dreams of five kids and a shot at Step Up in America. Well, according to Krslovic, someone told Oetjen they weren’t sure he was there for the right reasons, just like Charlie dobbed in Bill Goldsmith.

What you didn’t see is I poured my heart out on the last episode, and I thought she would’ve seen that I was there for her and the right reasons. Unfortunately one of the boys threw me under the bus, so I didn’t see it coming at all. It hit me hard.

He says he’s figured out who the bloke is, but he won’t tell us who, except that it “definitely wasn’t Charlie“: “Charlie was absolutely shattered I didn’t come back.”

The guy apparently went straight to Oetjen with his misgivings, never confronting Krslovic directly. He only found out about it from the Bachelorette herself.

No, they just went to her. I was always open about what I do with my career. I spoke a lot about Ali and how to make it work and stuff like that, so I thought ‘y’know, I’ve got it across to the boys, but unfortunately, there were some boys in the house Ali had spent a lot of time with – and I’m pretty sure it came from one of them.

Speculate wildly with me if you like, but the only one I can think of, if not Charlie Newling or maybe Goldsmith, is Rob Colangelo.

Krslovic was quietly hopeful that he’d win out against Goldsmith, but sadly he didn’t – but at least he got an “amazing” chicken pasta dish out of the other bloke on his way out.

First, going on the date I wasn’t that confident just considering how much time Bill’s had with Ali, and getting the wild rose, and [he] really got to know her, so I thought I was a bit behind the eight-ball. But being on the date I did have a little bit of a hope that I was gonna stick around, but that didn’t happen. It wasn’t meant to be.


Going right in there during one-on-one time after the gladiatorial challenge and saying he wanted five kids, and even asking if Oetjen would come to the US with him, seemed a bit intense, and it basically condemned Krslovic real early on in the competition. He says if he had a second chance he probably wouldn’t come on so strong.

I woulda waited until I dropped the whole kids thing and like the career stuff until she got to know me first, and then I woulda dropped it. Then it’s more ‘How are we gonna work this out?’ rather than the issue to start off.

Since leaving the show he’s thought about whether he’d compromise on that number of kids, and even on his dream of dancing overseas.

I am willing to compromise on the kids. I think I’d compromise down to a full car load – I still want three, and considering I’m a twin I think we can knock it over maybe in two gos. As for the dream, I think if I find a partner she should be supportive about that. I’d love for her to be with me if she wants to, but I’m cool being independent as well.

Krslovic seemed to always be dancing – any time the cameras turned to him he seemed to be bewitched by the power of dance. While he doesn’t reckon Oetjen was impressed by his first few dances, he says she was “definitely impressed by that last dance” aired last week. And, he says, they danced together in the mansion: “She danced up until she was 20 and always wanted to do like musical theatre and stuff like that.

He admits he really was “always dancing“: “I was asked to dance a few times when I wasn’t busting out. But I was busting out a lot, I’ll be honest.

Turns out, like Wesley Ford and Nathan Favro before him, Krslovic was approached to appear on the show, and found out Oetjen was going to be The Bachelorette just before the group audition.

I got asked to audition, I actually got asked last year as well and I didn’t reply because I wasn’t ready for a relationship. And this year, getting closer to 30, I thought why not give it a go, and had a few days to think about it and got a bit of advice from some people and bang, [I] gave it a go.

God, I love imagining Krslovic dancing with Sophie Monk.

Krslovic thinks that Taite Radley has a pretty good shot at winning Oetjen’s affection. “Maybe Taite. I don’t know. He’s cool, calm and collected. I think he needs more time with her. I’ve spent a lot of time with Taite because we were sharing a room together, and he’s a legend.

While Krslovic says he’s not dating yet per se, he is ready to meet the one: “I haven’t really. I’ve just been focusing on myself for a little bit, but I’m definitely open and I’m at that stage in my life where I’m ready to find the missus. I’m back in the game, I’m just not quite active yet.