Sam & Snez Wood Reckon They Could Pull Off A ‘KUWTK’-Style Show & OK, Sure

Because the good shit reality TV content just keeps comin’ today, Bachie newlyweds, Sam and Snezana Wood, might just be returning to your telly with a show of their very own, Woman’s Day writes.

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Oh God yes, give us this wholesome fitness family content – the Woods have a bb girl called Willow, as well as Snez’s teenage daughter, Eve, who actually met her stepdad on The Bachelor.

Anyway the story goes that their reality show would be one that’s really centred on their family dynamic, like a ‘Strayan Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Imagine that for a second.

Here’s what Sam Wood – NOT a mysterious source, but the actual Sam Wood – said to the tabloid: “Snez loves Keeping Up with the Kardashians, so she’s up for it.”

He reckons their lives are prime reality TV fodder, the kind of shit we will end up extremely invested in. It just feels like we already KNOW these people thanks to y’know, Bachie, and their gorgeous ‘Grams.

Our house is a madhouse with all the cats, dogs and kids. There’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure, and I think [our lives] would make for quite interesting television viewing

Aussie reality TV definitely needs more cats and dogs.

Still, Sam himself has some misgivings about starting up a Woods Family Band reality franchise, even if it would probably help shill his fitness program, 28 by Sam Wood.

It’s not really my thing. It’s hard enough getting by in our hard lives without cameras there all the time. But maybe she could twist my arm – never say never!

Sam Wood and Snezana Markosi got married at the end of November this year, after meeting on The Bachelor way back in 2015. They’re the second Bachie couple this year to turn their TV love story into a binding legal document after the first Bachelor, Tim Robards, wed Anna Heinrich back in June.

Sam Wood described his bride as an “angel floating down the aisle from heaven“, which would be sickening if it wasn’t so damn sweet.

The newlywed Woods spent Saturday at Rochford Wines in the Yarra Valley for A Day on the Green featuring John Farnham and Daryl Braithwaite, and yeah, a ‘The Horses‘ singalong is on the ‘Gram. Of course it is.

There you go, doesn’t matter if Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley are faking it, and that Honey Badger chose singledom, it truly is possible to find your forever person on reality TV.