Ali Oetjen’s Aussie Ex Is Selling Her Engagement Ring For Cheap On Gumtree

Ali Oetjen‘s ex – no, it’s not bloody Grant Kemp again – Dave Waldeck has reportedly put her engagement ring up for sale on Gumtree, as The Daily Telegraph writes.

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Waldeck and Oetjen are rumoured to have split after three-and-a-half years together in 2017 so she could have a crack at Bachelor in Paradise, which wow, okay, really? Brutal.

Oetjen told The West Australian back in March, ahead of her stint in Paradise, that their split was “extremely tough. It was a long time coming… We tried our best, it just didn’t work out”.

She’s of course since gone on to receive a promise ring from Kemp in Paradise – before that all blew up in the midst of a cheating scandal – and a commitment ring from Taite Radley in this year’s Bachelorette finale.

This ring though, this one was a sapphire (+ diamonds!! ) engagement ring from Wishart Jewellers in Glenelg (hellmouth), Adelaide.

After first asking the question while they were on a Euro trip in mid-2015, Waldeck put a literal ring on it in December that year in front of friends and family at a pub in Adelaide Hills.

So Waldeck, known only as ‘Dave of Kurralta Park’ on Gumtree, is selling the 3.56 carat engagement ring online for just $12,400, which maybe seems steep, except the custom-made, one-of-a-kind bling is worth $19,150. So… yeah. Also he’s open to negotiations, so you could probably cop it for a steal?

Is it just me or does it feel like there’s bad juju in buying someone else’s engagement ring? Like a bad break-up engagement ring has to be cursed. Especially if it’s from Glenelg.

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There you go. Ali Oetjen’s ex is finally moving on, getting rid of the ring he’s been holding onto for over a year now, after having watched her pash all the dudes on reality TV.

And Oetjen herself is moving off into the middle distance, desperately seeking professional representation, with a dude who may or may not be into her.