Sweet Fudgey Christ, Macca’s Is Doing A Caramilk McFlurry For A Very Limited Time

caramilk mcflurry macca's limited edition

A truly natural collaboration has finally happened: McDonald’s has revealed it’s unleashing a Caramilk McFlurry unto the masses this week. We all knew this was bound to happen, it was simply a matter of time.

The Caramilk obsession truly knows no bounds, and now we have come to quite possibly the ultimate collab – the blending together of the creamy Macca’s soft serve with flakes of the cult-fave choccy, and swirls of a Caramilk sauce rippling through. It sounds decadent, and delicious, and deliriously dangerous. You sons of bitches, I’m in.

Perhaps I’ll even momentarily forgive Ronald McDonald for taking away the whole “flurry” part of the humble McFlurry, instead leaving us with a sundae with bits on top. Forgive, but not forget.

After baker and foodie influencer Nick Vavitiss rang the alarms about a month ago and leaked images of the Caramilk McFlurry flav on his Instagram, the big confirmation is now with us. So go right ahead and text that one mate who’s still utterly obsessed with the caramelised white choccy snack, because they’re definitely gonna want to hear about this.

The Caramilk McFlurry is available for a limited time at your local Macca’s October 13, which means we’ve got a good time and not a long time with these new treaties. They’ll set you back the standard McFlurry price – which is currently $4 – and you can order ’em at the restaurant, or through McDelivery.

These little delicious yums now expand out the greater Caramilk family tree, which includes Hokey Pokey, Marble and Top Deck blocks, Flake and Twirl bars, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, ice creams, Philly cream cheese, easter eggs, and Violet Crumble bites, to name but a few.

But Caramilk McFlurry? That’s some top-tier shit. You know the snacc is worthy when the burger clown gets involved.

Will the Caramilk train ever slow down? At this rate, probably not. Are we complaining? Absolutely not, give us all these delicious treats all the time thank you. Is it now 11.30am and I’m fanging for an ice cream? Yes, of course I am. Givvus one already.