SWEET JESUS: Caramilk Easter Eggs Are On Shelves Now

You may have seen some here-say popping up online over the past couple months concerning the supposed-presence of Caramilk Easter eggs, before rubbing your eyes in sheer disbelief and subsequently questioning whether something so inspiring could possibly ever exist. I sure did. At first, my trust issues advised my normally-hopeful ass against believing such gossip.

Well, my faith in humanity has officially been restored because it turns out the rumours are true – packets of Caramilk Easter eggs have begun appearing on shelves in Coles and various other supermarkets.

FUCK – and I cannot stress this enough – YES.

[jwplayer Noml1oK9]

Shoppers have started sharing their blessèd discoveries online, including Lovemyfindsau, which shared the news that “not only can you pick up Caramilk Twirls at Coles Supermarkets, you can also grab yourself some yummy Caramilk eggs for Easter!”

This stunning announcement warms my Caramilk-worshipping soul, as I’m a recent convert – I was initially dubious about the whole Caramilk craze but, following its reemergence into the market last year, I gave the treat a whirl, and my God, I never looked back. Like, I literally went to my local Woolies last week just to buy a block and, upon discovering that they’d sold out, internally shrieked for 15 minutes. Needless to say, I’m thankful to ingest Caramilk in as many new iterations as possible.

The bags are $8 a pop, but at this point, I’m happy for Caramilk to have all my monies. Thank you, Jesus.