Here’s a little bit of nice and sweet news to round out your year and decade – Caramilk Twirl is not only hitting shelves from January 1, but it’s also set to be an ongoing treat in the choccy aisle.

After the massive return of full-sized Caramilk blocks sending everyone and their mums absolutely bonkers back in October, Cadbury is now set to keep Caramilk Twirls – a much more manageable solo snack – in stores on an ongoing basis.

You’ll be able to score yourself a Caramilk Twirl from your local supermarket, servo, and convenience store from January 1, 2020, and don’t worry about them running out of stock because they’ll be around for a good while now.

The fancy-ass Twirl bars were teased back in November, when leaked pictures of them emerged online, and after keeping Caramilk-diehards on tenterhooks for a couple of weeks, Cadbury confirmed they chocs would be arriving in the new year in two sizes.

Though it looks like there may have been a cheeky early drop at some 7/11 stores.

So does this mean Caramilk Twirls will be in choccy stockings next year for the holidays? Please, it’s a family tradition of mine and Lord knows it’s due to have a makeover and remove that grot Strawberry Freddo already.

Image: Instagram / @happymumhappychild