The Rumours Were True, Caramilk Twirl Bars Are Real & They’re Arriving In 2020

The rumours are bloody TRUE my friends and choccy comrades – Caramilk is returning to us in a snacky-sized treat. Yep, the humble Caramilk Twirl is real, it’s def happening. They are absolutely legit and tangible and edible, and they’re landing in the sacred lolly aisle real soon.

[jwplayer OON70Pgm]

After being hotly rumoured a couple of months ago by one very dedicated Caramilk stan (hello Christian Hull, I see you), the limited-edition Twirl Caramilk bars will land in your local from January.

The Caramilk Twirls will come in two sizes; a medium me-only, no sharing bar, and a king-sized, also me-only no sharing bar. Look let’s be real I’m not going to share either of these chocs with anyone so don’t even bother asking, ok?

The medium bar comes in at a ripe $1.99, while the larger treat swings in at a very tidy $3.20.

It looks like the Caramilk Twirl is already dropping over in New Zealand, so I mean you could just buy a ticket over there and tuck into them now, I’m not saying you should do that but I’m also not not saying you should do that.

If there’s any more reason I need to wish for the end of the year to come swiftly and without hassle, this is probably it. Give to me the chocolate-covered choc. The sacred Caramilk Twirl. The precious treat. I need it.