With the country’s stocks of Caramilk bars beginning to dwindle, and the frantic scavenging of the remaining batch begins, it’s looking very much like the sacred choc will be appearing in the lolly aisle again soon, in the form of Caramilk Twirl.

In a photo that was leaked to the FB group, Caramilk Addicts Club, and picked up by one super sluth/noted Caramilk addict Christian Hull, the existence of a two-bar Caramilk Twirl is looking to be in our futures. Sweet mother of crap I didn’t know they could make the Twirl better, but here we are.

Two things I have learned today: you can improve on perfection, and Caramilk have an addicts club. Bless ’em.

Cadbury has confirmed that the initial batch of Caramilk that was made is expected to run out by mid-November (maybe stock up on that Good Shit now then), and they’re playing around with bringing the good choc back again in a new way – to satiate the demands of the people before the next batch lands in stores in 2020.

In a now-deleted post, the Caramilk Twirl looks like it’s got the Flake-like insides made of the sacred caramelised choc, and wrapped in a milk choc coating. Truly the best of both worlds here. I’m so glad that modern technology has come so far that we are now blessed with two delicious treats in the one crumbly, perfect snack.

Messages have also surfaced on the FB group that the Caramilk Twirl bars have been added to the stock lists at IGA, so keep your eyes peeled on your local choccy aisle for that.

Guess the cat’s out of the bag and knocked over the tin, spilling the beans on that one, folks. We’ll keep you updated on when this next evolution of the Caramilk era hits shelves, but until then just start hoarding the last of the current batch of blocks.

Image: Facebook / Christian Hull