Sound The Alarms, A Food Influencer Has Leaked That A Cadbury Caramilk McFlurry Is Coming


The rumour mill is in overdrive and no, it’s not about celebrity gossip. It’s about a food collaboration between Cadbury Caramilk and the humble Macca’s McFlurry.

Yes, rumours have been circulating all over Instagram speculating about the existence of a Caramilk McFlurry. According to The Courier Mail, the first person to break the news was food influencer and chef, Nick Vavitiss.

“Oh my sweet sweet God we are getting Caramilk McFlurry,” he said on his Instagram stories.

He also added a follow up Instagram story, that confirmed that the rumours are “1000000 per cent true” and they are even throwing a “private launch event for it.”

To celebrate the big news, Nick decided to make his own version with Ben & Jerry’s and it honestly looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. My IBS just left the chat.

It hasn’t been 100% confirmed by McDonald’s, but I wouldn’t be surprised considering how many food collabs Cadbury has done recently.

Let me quickly remind you of the Caramilk goodies that exist: Hokey Pokey flavoured Caramilk, Marble Caramilk, ice cream sticks, PHILLY CHEESE, a Flake version AND a Twirl version. Lord have mercy.

The Cadbury choccy giants have truly created an empire and we are but its humble servants.

Whoever is on the PR team for this cult-fave choccy deserves a raise immediately. How can any other chocolate compete with Caramilk? It’s a Caramilk world and we’re just living in it.

It’s honestly sacrilege that these choccies aren’t in the Cadbury Favourites box. You’re telling me you’d rather I consume an Old Gold or dare I say it… a Moro… over a Caramilk??

If true, this Macca’s McFlurry collab is going to be next level and I need it in my life ASAP.