Macca’s New Summer Menu Features A Yum New Caramilk McFlurry And A Return Of The King El Maco

macca's summer menu el maco caramilk hokey pokey mcflurry

Text your remaining few friends who are still utterly obsessed with Caramilk because Macca’s is about to unleash a new twist on its cult-fave dessert alongside a couple of returning limited edition crowd pleasers.

Macca’s has revealed a Caramilk Hokey Pokey McFlurry will land in stores on November 30 as part of its summer menu. Joining that creamy, toffee delight is the brand new Cajun Chicken Deluxe burger, which features one of the most-requested sauces at the golden arches.

The limited edition burgie also includes a crispy chicken fillet, cheese, tomato and lettuce, which sounds bloody delish.

Two more fan faves will be returning to Macca’s for the summer menu. The almighty El Maco burger is coming back and this time bringing with it some Cheesy Jalpeño Pops with a tangy El Maco dippy sauce.

If you’ve not experienced an El Maco, it’s made up of two beef patties, Mexican-inspired sauce, sour cream, cheese, tomato and lettuce on a sesame seed bun. This is the first time the El Maco has been on menus in a couple of years so we’re sure its devoted fans are gonna be stoked with this news.

El Maco baby, it’s back.

The new Caramilk Hokey Pokey McFlurry is like an elevated version of the last time Macca’s did a Caramilk McFlurry.

This time around they’ve swirled creamy soft serve ice cream with Caramilk sauce and chunks of crunchy toffee Hokey Pokey. It’s all topped off with flakes of Caramilk chocolate just to really drive home that deliciousness.

All of these yummy new menu items will be in store and up for delivery from Wednesday November 30 so start planning your various end-of-year hoons to include a cheeky Macca’s run afterwards, I reckon.