A BTS Video Of How The Macca’s McRib Is Made Has Divided Burger-Loving Binches

A video showing the behind-the-scenes making of a McDonald’s McRib has gone viral online after a wealthy American shared it and claimed the burger couldn’t even be considered food. However I don’t think he was expecting the absolute blasting he received online.

Anyone who has ever stepped food in the kitchen of a fast food joint knows that things need to be turned around faster than the speed of light. Turning frozen foods into delicious quick meals isn’t a glamorous affair but it’s one that many people rely on for affordable noms.

Here’s the video of the McRib being made, shared by the Senior Executive at NBC Universal Mike Sington.

People quickly took note of Sington’s disgusted tone and slammed him for his elitist approach to fast food.

Babe, it’s McDonald’s. Did you think they gently sliced and diced a Bladefin Basslet from the Western Atlantic Ocean for the Filet-O-Fish? If it makes a splash when it lands in the water, it’s good enough to be considered a fish and put in a burg.

“Were you under the impression they were actually smoking and de-boning ribs back there?” wrote one comment.

“It never gets old watching some out-of-touch rich guy log on and be absolutely stunned at some basic, predictable way of the world known to anyone who’s ever worked a service job,” wrote another.

“You mean it’s grilled? And then soaked in delicious sauce in a steam tray? And then put on a toasted bun with onions and pickles? In what appears to be a clean kitchen? If I’m supposed to be grossed out by that, the opposite has happened and I am HUNGRY,” wrote a third.

“A McRib resembles food far more than anything an executive does resembles work,” wrote another (this one is my fave).

Many points were made. The video doesn’t really reveal anything we didn’t know about the making of our favourite Macca’s treats. It’s pretty damn cool to see the process, though.

Macca’s employees are braver than the troops for what they do. They should be the highest-paid workers in the country, they sure work the hardest.

Even when my last order of six nuggets came with a single nug in the box, I forgave them. They’re doing the lords work. In fact, it’s my problem for even ordering six nugs so late at night. I need to work on myself.