Macca’s Got Rid Of Regular Sprite So What’s Going To Power Me Through Sunday Morning Now?

In a huge blow for the fizzy little lemon-lime drink community, Macca’s has confirmed it no longer serves regular Sprite. RIP to a real one.

I have literally no idea what spicy beverage I’m going to consume on a hangover now. This is truly devastating.

A spokesperson confirmed the change to, and said Macca’s had recently made the nationwide switch to Sprite No Sugar.

“We look forward to hearing customer feedback on the new beverage,” they said.

Here’s one customer’s feedback: bring back regular Sprite as well as the sugar-free stuff. Please! For me!

The change was first publicised by foodie TikToker Russ (@Russ.Eats), who went to the Macca’s Drive Thru and asked a worker if they had regular, sugar-full Sprite.

“We’ve only got Sprite No Sugar, sorry,” the employee said.

The Macca’s worker also told Russ the the full-sugar beveragino wouldn’t be coming back.

My 15-year-old self would be devastated to know that her go to meal of large Sprite and a Fillet O’ Fish is no longer available. Fillet O’Fish and a Coke just doesn’t hit the same, I fear.

At least there’s always the ever-delicious Macca’s orange juice. Or hey, maybe some people will really like the zero sugar Sprite. Godspeed to them I say.

The OG Macca’s Sprite is a known global hit. Watch me travel across the world yearning for a slurp of the spicy stuff.

This is the truly cursed sequel to the news that Lift has been discontinued (a sad fact also discovered by Mr Russ Eats). It’s being replaced by a new flavour called Sprite Lemon+.

As a fizzy drink enjoyer — particularly a citrus-flavoured fizzy drink enjoyer — I have a plea for all of these companies. Let’s expand the citrus-flavoured-beverage options, not reduce them!

In this time of toil and treachery, we all need a little lift me up (pardon the pun).

I’m sure there are many people out there who prefer Sprite No Sugar, and some maybe even love a little bit of Lemon+.

But I believe there is a place for the other soft drinks in our lives and fridges still. I’ll miss you, regular Macca’s Sprite.