Turns Out There’s A Huge Catch In The Macca’s Monopoly Game & My Dreams Of A New Car Are Dead

mcdonald's monopoly macca's monopoly catch

If you’ve got a heaping pile of McDonald’s Monopoly stickers in your community chest at home, chances are you’re probably saving them for the big prize: a free cheeseburger. If you happen to be one of the people after a car, I have some bad news for you. There’s a catch to this peel-to-win game, and you’re not going to like it.

TikToker and Macca’s employee Maddie Kellett (@maddiekellett) made a since-deleted TikTok video explaining why you never really hear about anyone winning the huge four-wheeled prizes.

“I work at Macca’s, and I’ll give you a bit of insight into the Macca’s Monopoly situation,” she said.

It was the use of the word “situation” that really had me at the edge of my seat.


“When you peel that little ticket, and it says Bond Street for a car, and you collect all three of those, you go into a draw with a bunch of other people who have done the exact same thing,” she said.

“If you do end up winning … you have to have proof of purchase for every single ticket that you’ve bought.”

Mr. Monopoly’s been hiding some terms and conditions in the fine print, it seems.

Not only do you need to be lucky enough to collect all three Macca’s Monopoly stickers and win a draw, but you also have to hoard your receipts like some paper-obsessed bog witch. Great!

“So, if you bought a large coffee and you peel off the ticket, and it says Bond Street for the car, you have to have that receipt that you had with the coffee to prove that you bought the coffee with the ticket on it.

“They will crosscheck that you made the purchase and got the ticket fair and square.

“A lot of people don’t do that, and that’s why nobody wins the big prizes because who’s gonna keep the receipt for a $4.50 large cap? No one.”

You’d also be correct in thinking that McDonald’s doesn’t always hand out receipts when you make a purchase.

Really the only workaround here is to make every single McDonald’s order through the app, which sends a digital receipt to your email.

All that effort with Macca’s Monopoly stickers for a Volkswagen Polo GTI with a 5-year care plan? I think I can make do with my little Toyota Corolla, thanks.