ZEST IN PEACE: A TikToker Reckons Lift Has Been Discontinued So Literally Pour One Out, Boys

Screenshot of TikTok from Rusty Eats captioned BREAKING NEWS Lift rumoured to be killed & bottle of Lift against green background with coffin emojis

A TikToker claims Coca-Cola Australia has discontinued Lift, the nostalgic AF soft drink. Jesus wept artificial lemon-twanged tears.

Peep food reviewer and historian Russ Eats breaking the devastating news.

@russ.eats BREAKING NEWS: Lift rumoured to be killed and replaced ! #russeats #goss #lift #cocacola #cocacolaamatil #food #junkfood #softdrink ♬ original sound – Russ.Eats™️

“Righto, so I heard a rumour today that I wanted youse to hear from me first,” he said in the vid.

“Lift is being put down, sent to the junk food graveyard”.

Firstly: I honestly have never heard of Mr. Eats but somehow I’m still glad he was the first person to deliver the news. He has such a soothing, calming presence.

Secondly: I’m obsessed with the concept of a soft drink being “put down”, as if it were your cherished 16-year-old family dog who unfortunately can’t stop walking into walls.

oh tha

But there’s good news for zesty soft drink stans! The ol’ yellow beast may be going through a reincarnation process rather than completely dying.

“It is however being replaced by Sprite Lemon, which I already find a bit confusing,” Russ Eats said.

“And they’ve added caffeine to it — so if your kids like a lemony soft drink they’re going to have to stick to these three because you don’t want them getting caffeine into them.

“They’re annoying as fuck already.”

Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave, Russ?

I’m possibly what you might call a fake Lift stan because I haven’t thought about the drink in donkey’s years (I’m a Diet Coke girly, sue me).

But it’s an old faithful, you know? Sometimes you want a soft drink that’s sweet yet tangy with a funky ’70s inspired logo. It’s sentimental, reliable and does exactly what it says on the label. It’s the Hamish & Andy of the soft drink kingdom.

PEDESTRIAN.TV asked Coca-Australia whether Lift has indeed gone to soft drink heaven.

“We don’t have anything to share right now but we’re always evolving our product portfolio to provide more of what people want,” the company’s media team said.

“Stay tuned!”

We’ll be waiting with bated breath.